Jun 30 2011

Vacation is chicken soup for the soul

Eric and I had planned to go to Catalina last weekend (a small working-class version of Martha’s Vineyard type of island off the California Coast), for a 2-day, one-night trip and as luck would have it, four of our friends were also going the same night we were! We also found out last week that Eric was scheduled for a fire test in NorCal on Monday, soooo at the last minute, we decided to make a little vacation out of it and extend our trip. Husband-Wife Vacation!

In order to afford the trip, I had to remind myself repeatedly to relax a little bit and realize that we are at $7500 of our $8000 savings goal and maybe we won’t save as much this month, but we’ll still still be able to make it to our goal by August 15th. *crossing fingers* We also Pricelined our hotel and paid less than $200 for a 3.5 star hotel in downtown Monterey for 2 nights. Win!

Catalina was fun for all about the first hour when we realized we had seen everything. Yup, it took an hour. Thank goodness our friends showed up that night because we probably would have been bored to death.

And since there isn’t much to do on the island, thank goodness for alcohol too.

(What’s the rule about putting people’s pics on your blog? I like to protect the innocent…)

We also found out our friends are preggers!!! EEEEEEE!!!

Those sneaks were totally trying to keep it hush-hush, but who says no to alcohol during vacation? Plus, we knew they were “not trying” aka not really trying but basically flying without a parachute.

But seriously? If you’re doing the horizontal mambo, and you don’t have a life vest on, that basically means you’re tempting the inevitable and I think that constitutes “trying.” It’s not like trying means you’re holing yourself up in your bedroom and doing it like rabbits all day. You either are trying or you’re not, none of this “what happens, happens.” What do you think?

Oh yeah, and then there was more drinking to celebrate the baby!
Hehe, I’m such a sneaky Mexican. I would like to thank my full-blooded Mexican parents for showing me the real way to party.

Then on Sunday, we drove up to Monterey. Monday morning, Eric had the test, but we had the rest of the day Monday and Tuesday morning to walk around, stuff carbs in our face and spend money. Ahhh, vacation.

See that jacket I’m wearing? It’s genuine leather, and I paid $14 for it at Plato’s Closet, a thrift shop. I also wore a yellow blouse today that I bought there for $3 and I got tons of compliments on it. Love me some deals! (psst, the awesome thing about thrift shops is you’ll find super cheap stuff that no one else has!) Oh and Eric and I totally walked like 3 miles to go to Plato’s. Eric didn’t complain once–saint of a husband, I swear.

Oh and in case you didn’t know, the 17-mile drive is a scenic drive along PCH.

(Is anyone else noticing the jacket tied around Eric’s waist? I tried to tell him to stop it, but he wouldn’t listen…)

The best part of the 17-mile drive was seeing deer!!! Us city folk only get to see deer on TV or at zoos or during Christmas time. So this was super exciting for us. I even saw them prance! It was CRAZY! And there were a lot of them, not just one! Totally reminded me of Bambi, and I wanted to yell “Get out of the meadow!!”

By Tuesday, we were heading back home and had to make one super important stop:

Yes! That’s DASH! As in, the store the Kardashians own and has been featured on the show. Truth: I was too embarrassed to walk inside. I didn’t want to be a tourist, psh. Truth: The store is actually located in like a dingy little corner shopping center. I was kind of disappointed. Truth: There was another girl taking pictures too and she went inside and reported that the Kardashians were not inside. Truth: Khloe is my favorite.

And that’s been my last week.

Oh and my first day back in the office, I was called into my boss’ boss’ office. Totally thought I was in trouble, and turns out, they rewarded me with 2 extra days of vacation this year because of all of my hard work! Say what?! Winning!


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  1. intrigueMe

    Sounds like you had an awesome vacation! Congrats on the extra days off work… can’t wait to see you in October!

  2. City Girl

    The photo with the “Trouble” caption had me laughing out loud. And, I totally agree with you about the fact that pulling the goalie is trying. So happy that you guys got some quality time together! xoxo

  3. Laura Lewis

    LOL I went to Dash a few years ago too… I knew the Calabassas one wasn’t anything fancy only because it was opened before they were anyone. LOL Confession though? Khloe is also my favorite! :)

  4. Teacher Girl

    A) Your trip looks super fun!
    B) I was totally wondering what the heck Eric’s jacket was doing around his waist too!
    C) Khloe is also my fave and I did the same thing with the DASH store where I live ;)

  5. Mandi K

    OOoooooh those drinks look good!

  6. theMRS.

    I also heard dash was a little anticlimactic.

    ~ Celina

  7. Tabitha

    Sounds like a fun vacation! Joe and I are planning to spend our anniversary weekend in Monterey, and we’ve been looking for a cute/unique hotel to stay at that doesn’t cost $250+ a night. Which one did you stay at?

  8. jobo

    Sounds like a freaking awesome time you guys had!! That is hilarious about Catalina Island, guess a day trip would have been PLENTY if M and I had made it out there a few weekends ago (sniff). You and Eric are so photogenic, btw, such cute pictures. And truth: I’d be embarrassed walking into DASH too! LOL but I would totally have stopped by. Kourtney is my favorite ;-)

    1. Newlyweds on a Budget

      We’re not that photogenic, i just always use the best pictures, duh! :P

  9. Shannon

    I totally noticed the jacket around his waist and was all WHAT? up? I just don’t think it was working for him. The deer thing? You crack me up. Turkey and deer everyday on my way into the city on my way back. Slippery little suckers like to commit suicide all day long in front of the damn cars.
    Yay for vaca!

  10. Courtney

    Definitely with you on the trying vs not trying! Why does it irritate me when people do this? I do not know, but it does.

    I know someone who was actively “flying without the parachute”, had a really close call, really thought she was pregnant, really hoped she was pregnant, ended up not being and was really disappointed, then was pregnant the next month. She actually told people they were NOT trying and… “it was an accident”. Ummmmm??? I don’t think that qualifies as an accident.

    I understand perhaps wanting to keep it more hush hush since it does take some people a while and that way they can avoid the “are pregnant yet? are you pregnant yet?”, but after you ARE… that’s just lying.

    I needed that vent!

    1. Kim

      Erica, you are hilarious! So sad about Dash. And I hear ya Courtney; if you are over the age of 16 are flying without a parachute, there is no such thing as an accident.

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