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Apr 21 2014

Saving $30k and Taxes

At the beginning of the year, Eric and I committed to saving $30k this year to help fund a house down payment and new car. We almost four months of the year gone, I figured we’d take a look and see how we’re doing. Despite getting off to a slow start in January because Eric …

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Jan 06 2014

Budget In Review: Where did our money go in 2013?

Every year, I like to do a review of our finances. I think it helps to sort of check in and see how you’re doing financially and if you’re meeting your financial goals. Now that I have a couple of years’ worth of data collected, it made things a bit more interesting. For example, here …

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Dec 11 2013

2013: It was fun while it lasted

If there is one word I can use to describe 2013, it would be “blessed.” I am so incredibly happy with how this year has turned out. 2013 has definitely brought a major upswing in our lives, and I cannot wait for what 2014 has in store. A look back at our goals and how …

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May 20 2013

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly on Student Loans

The Great First, the GREAT news: I paid off my FOURTH Student Loan on Friday! Can I just add that this brings down my student loans to $13,788.01?!?!? I started off the year with $18,248.01 in student debt.  I’ve paid off $4,460 in student loan debt in five months! Happy dance for me. It feels …

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Apr 03 2013

State of Our Union: First Quarter Results

Well, my monthly budget updates only lasted one month. So maybe quarterly reports will be a bigger hit? Here is the state of our union on our 2013 goals. Financial Goals Bring down my student loans to under $10,000: On track I paid off my THIRD student loan this week! I started January 2013 with …

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Dec 18 2012

13 Goals for 2013

2013 new year sparkler

Here are my goals for 2013! 1. Bring down my student loans to under $10,000 Would LOVE to make this happen. We have A LOT going on this year, so don’t really know if this will be a reality but that’s why it’s a goal right? 2. Pay Down Eric’s Student Loans Eric is in …

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