September Goals

by Erika Torres

A new month, a new start.

Here is a rundown of our September goals

  • Increase savings back to $2,000
  • No grocery shopping (or as little as possible except for staples such as eggs and milk). We hope to just eat what we have in our cupboards and fridge since we’ll be moving at the end of the month anyway.
  • Cut credit debt to $3000 (don’t really know if this is possible, depending on when Eric will get paid from his new job).
  • Finally receive payment from freelance check ($650!) and flexible spending account check ($150!)
  • Lose weight–> Eric and I are both on “diets/fitness regimes” His goal weight is 205, mine is 140 by Oct. 1

We’ll check back in Oct. 1 and see how we did.

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