Where Should You Live After You Marry — Or Remarry?

by `Jackie Cohen
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Where should you live after you marry? The answer depends on how far along you are in life when you get hitched — and whether it’s your first time or you’re getting remarried. 

Where should you live after getting married?Those who get hitched right after college and perhaps are just starting their careers might be likeliest to be mulling whether to start out in a new location.

However, folks who are remarrying and don’t have kids might be thinking about where they want to live.

Friends and Family

Usually, the biggest draw you’ll have to any location is whether and where you have family or friends concentrated.

All too often, the people you grew up with might stick around the same major metropolitan area because they don’t know anyone anywhere else.

However, if you’ve attended college away from where you grew up, your circle of friends is likelier to gravitate toward locations that appeal to their common interests.

Deciding Where You Should Live After You Marry

Here are five factors that might affect where your friends and family gravitate toward and are likely to stick around for:

  1. Cost of living
  2. Real estate market
  3. Taxes
  4. Cultural Vibe
  5. Climate

How much each of these factors appeals to you and your loved ones will determine where you end up living after you marry.

It’s really about relationship dynamics as well. Once you get married, deciding where to live becomes a compromise rather than something that’s just up to you.

Even if you get a job that requires you to relocate, you have to run it past your new family before you move. Once you have kids, this becomes even more complicated.

Readers, what kind of decision-making process have you and your partner go through when deciding where you want to live?

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