7 Useful Tips to Help You Plan a Destination Wedding

by Susan Paige
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Destination weddings have gained significant popularity with adventurous young lovers over the past decade. With more and more people seeking to walk down the aisle in exotic destinations, the services available to wedding couples at wedding destinations are getting better and better. Your wedding is likely to be a success if you go about it the right way.

Here are some tips to ensure that you have a great destination wedding:

Visit the Destination and Facilities Beforehand

It is wise to visit the wedding destination as well as your wedding grounds way ahead of your wedding. This gives you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the environment, the weather conditions, the caterers, and various service providers that will help you on your wedding day.

You don’t want any surprises on your big day. The more you know about your wedding venue beforehand, the easier it will be to plan for anything that might go wrong. By visiting the destination beforehand, you will also get a chance to talk to better informed people who will be willing to give you great recommendations on what to buy and who to hire.

Hire a Wedding Planner on the Ground

Even if you know a great wedding planner from your hometown who can give you a great discount, hiring a wedding planner based at your wedding destination is often the wise decision.

You will be hiring them for their skills and their connections.

A great portion of putting together a great wedding is knowing who to call when you need help and who you can depend on to show up every time on an important occasion such as a wedding. An experienced wedding planner on the ground will have reliable connections they can call on to deliver whatever you need.

Set the Date and Destination Ahead of Time

Attending a destination wedding demands a lot of sacrifice from your guests. They will have to set aside two days or so for the occasion and put away money to cater for various expenses such as transport and accommodation.

For this reason, you should notify them way ahead of time when and where your wedding will be held. You will be doing them a great favor.

Also, doing so will reduce the possibility of important family members you don’t want to miss your wedding not attending because they had already committed to something they can’t just bail out of.

Negotiate a Bulk Accommodation Package

To save money and to ensure that most of your guests stay at a preselected great resort, you can negotiate a bulk package with a resort to accommodate your guests. This can be a standalone package or part of your destination wedding package if an all-inclusive resort is handling your wedding.

Having most of your guests at one place makes it easy to plan things such as transport and evening dinners. If there are going to be children attending your wedding, make sure you are booking at a family-friendly resort. The groom’s and bride’s families will also find a lot of opportunities to interact with each other if they are booked into one hotel or resort.

Let Your Guests Know If the Wedding Is an Adults Only Affair

Since weddings are usually family affairs, some people will definitely bring their kids along if you do not disclose that you are only expecting adults to attend.

It’s okay to have kids around if you can accommodate them and provide them with adequate entertainment. Nonetheless, if you choose to have an adults-only event, make it explicitly clear on your invitation cards that the wedding will be an adults-only event.

Don’t Run on a Tight Budget

You don’t want to run on an extremely tight budget when organizing a destination wedding. You should set aside some cash to cater for things you haven’t planned for that may prove to be necessary as the wedding unfolds.

Further, some family members you are really close to may not be able to finance their trip to your destination wedding. If you really want them to share your big day with you, you may have to foot the bill.

If you book an all-inclusive package, you will know your entire budget in advance and will have to pay the money while still at home. Even then, you should still have some money left over to cater for other things that may not be provided by the all-inclusive resort.

Understand Local Marriage Laws

It is very important that you understand the marriage laws of the jurisdiction in which you will be having your wedding. You don’t want to have a lavish wedding only for it to be null in the eyes of the law.

Some jurisdictions have residency requirements for your wedding to be valid. This means that you should have stayed at the destination for a predetermined number of days. England, for instance, has a 7-day requirement.

Bringing it All Together

Planning a destination wedding is a little different from planning a wedding in your home city or town. There are a lot of factors you have to consider to make the wedding practical and to ensure that your guests are comfortable with the arrangement. With a little patience and lots of planning – you are likely to create the wedding of your dreams.

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