Regret can wreak havoc on your career

by Susan Paige
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Can you honestly tell how many times you have the feeling that you want to destroy the Forex market for not giving you the money that you deserved? The market was fine, the trend was in your favor and it seemed like you were going to make some good profit. The market changed without telling you and you lost the money. This is an online market and everything has happened to you. This is very common feeling for the people and having the aftermath of this feeling, wreaking havoc on the market is also common. It is only the traders who can control their emotion and become successful in Forex that make the profit. This article will tell you how regret can wreck the havoc not on the Forex but on your career. Sometimes it is good to be mastered by pain so you know what it feels to lose something but it is better if you are guided by true emotions. It may hurt but it will keep you on the right way. This article will tell you why you should not regret on your past trades in Forex. It may seem heartless but it is for your own good. This is a money market and it does not care if you bleed in your heart or not. You also need to be calm minded to make your profit from your trades.

Never regret your past trades. You have to understand the dynamic nature of this market to become a successful trader. The successful traders at Singapore always look for potential trading opportunity. They are not worried about past trades. You have to let it go and look for the next trade setups to make a decent profit from this market. Many novice traders often take too much risk only to recover their loss. They are so much biased with the potential profit factors that they even forget losing trades are inevitable.

If you firmly believe that trading is the right profession for you, stop regretting on past trades. Do the technical analysis and try to find quality trades setups in your trading platform. Never take too much risk even though you have the best trade setups. Always be prepare for the worst case scenario and keep your trading system simple. If possible learn price action trading to become a better trader.

It clouds your perception

Much of the Forex trading depends on your perception. The strategy, the analyses, the Forex courses all are designed to help you to understand what is going on. If you are clouded with your decision, it is no good. Regret makes you an animal and you begin to make bad decisions. We know traders will defend them by saying they analyze the market but this analyze is not useful like the others. Regrets clouds your wisdom and also your perception, leading you to a hole from where you can never climb out. If you take some bad trades on the market, you will very near to your ending. Do not regret the bygone opportunities. What is the advantage if you cry over the spilled milk?

You can overcome regret by setting a routine

Most traders regret because they did not know if they were going to take that trade or not. The way to overcome is if you develop a routine. It will help you in two ways. The first way is you will be organized in your career. You will not take random trades, you will analyze the market and the second and the most wonderful benefit is you will never miss any opportunities. There will be no chance as you will be putting the trend in your routine and if it fits in the routine, you will take the trade. This way you will have fewer regrets because you will be taking every trade that fit into your routine and your strategy.

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