5 Tips for Newlyweds Who Want to Start a Restaurant

by Susan Paige
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Your wonderful wedding day is over, and now you are a young couple in love who dreams about a family business. Perhaps, you have already counted your money and started reflecting on a cozy family restaurant. It seems like a reasonable idea on a par with online dating and a wedding day. You believe that it’s high time to think about the future. Business, which relates to food, is, perhaps, the most profitable because any person wants to eat tastily, and not everyone is ready to waste energy on cooking. On the one hand, this business is expensive, on the other hand, it will bring a big income with the right organization. What kind of organization is this about? What should you do to stay in business in the first months? Here are a few tips, following which you can start a family restaurant.

  1. Calculate the budget.

A common mistake of young businesspeople is to overestimate their own strength. This applies not only to restaurants but also to any business in general. When you want to start a restaurant and calculate the approximate costs, then boldly multiply everything by two. Nobody can predict unforeseen expenses, and not everything is so rosy for businessmen. The second mistake related to money is an ill-considered financial strategy. Many people start a business with their friends, who contribute most of the money, and thus the company, in fact, does not belong to you but to your companion. You should better amass a certain amount of money with your spouse and start a true family restaurant.

  1. Choose the right place.

You need to find a place for the future restaurant. The city center is not the key to success. First, you should study the target audience. If your restaurant will be in a classical style, then it should be located where upper-middle-class people over 40 live. However, the loft-style restaurant is oriented more towards young couples from 20 to 40 years old. The conditions will be different for each city, so you should take it into account.

  1. Develop a concept of customer service.

A paper menu and writing an order in a notebook are, of course, authentic, but have long been out of date. Nowadays, one uses either large touch screens or tablets, with the help of which the guest of the restaurant can independently choose dishes with a detailed description. Of course, this method of ordering does not concern the expensive wines, so, it is necessary to hire a sommelier. With the help of the electronic menu, you will be able to increase the average bill by 20%, which is achieved with the help of a smart system of selling additional dishes and toppings. Service time will be reduced by 25%. In addition, the electronic menu is a good way to promote the restaurant, increase loyalty and keep customers.

  1. Find some good product vendors.

You cannot buy products in the nearest hypermarket. Firstly, it is not the required level, and secondly, you need bigger volumes for the restaurant. Therefore, you should immediately look for product vendors, who are engaged in the supply of only proven products. Besides, you should have documents for all the products, especially if it’s meat. It should be with seals, confirming safety for health. If you choose between economy and quality, then it is better to choose the latter. Yes, you will overpay a little, but you will be sure that all products comply with safety standards.

  1. Create an atmosphere.

In addition to the main design of the restaurant, pay attention to music selection. Most often, the owners delegate this task to the staff, the manager or the barman. Such playlists leave much to be desired, as they are made up of a set of popular songs that do not create an atmosphere.


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