Why Consider A Motorbike Tour Honeymoon?

by Susan Paige
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Both romantic getaways and all-inclusive resorts have their advantages, but those people who are on the hunt for adrenalin all the time will find that a bike tour honeymoon can be a lot more exciting and filled with adventure. We did our best at putting together a list of tips and tricks, as well as some reasons for which you ought to at least consider this type of honeymoon for you and your specials someone. Check them out below.

Adventure together and get away from any crowds

One thing that all-inclusive resorts have is far too many people who want to relax. And you’ve got it — crowds are anything but relaxing. The thing about going on a bike tour together is that you’ll get to experience new places and create new memories without having to remember whatever the couple next door was doing or how their kid was yelling on the beach while you were trying to have a nice conversation.

On top of everything, being on a bike tour as a couple gives you the means to go anywhere you’d like. You definitely do not have to participate in any organized guided tours if you don’t feel like it. And let’s face it — there’s nothing you can miss out on if you do your research before leaving for your honeymoon destination.

Stay safe

One thing that we would like to point out is that the both of you have to wear protective equipment. On sunny days where things might get hot, you will make do with just a helmet and a light jacket and pair of pants, but on those days where you actually need protection both from the elements and to remain safe, you will definitely have to wear something a bit more rugged.

Whether you or your spouse are doing the driving, the fact is that staying in the middle of the lane at all times can help you stay out of harm’s way.

Some motorcyclists can be really adventurous in this sense, and they can try to make their way between two cars. In case you didn’t know, there are blind spots both for motorcycle riders and for car drivers, and you need to make sure you’re never in one of them.

Follow the winding road

One of the most satisfying things about riding the bike on your honeymoon is that you’ll be able to go off the beaten path and discover new and exciting locations you might have not even had in your itinerary. On top of that, car access to some roads is prohibited, but it’s very likely that motorbikes are allowed.

Just make sure that when you choose your accommodation, you also consider the lodging for your motorcycle, too. Even a cheap shed in someone’s backyard can do the trick if you’re lucky enough to get an Airbnb that comes with this type of extra.

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