Make it Shine: What is the Best Metals for Your Wedding Band?

by Susan Paige
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Every year, the wedding industry in the United States brings in 72 billion dollars in revenue. So yes, weddings are a big deal.

When you’re looking for wedding band metal material for your ring, you have a careful choice to consider. This is a ring you’re going to hopefully be wearing for a very long time.

Wedding Band Metal Material: What to Consider

The wedding band is worn on the fourth finger because there is a vein there that runs to the heart called Vena Amoris, or love’s vein. So when you slip your wedding ring on, you’re reminding yourself that it signifies love.


Platinum was the most popular choice for wedding band metals for a long time, except for when in the 20th century it was off the market when it was being used heavily in the military.

It’s a muted white in color and thirty times rarer than gold. And yes – that means it’s also going to be more expensive.


Gold is pretty much a standard for wedding bands. You can get several different colors of gold, including yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and green gold. Gold is warm and timeless, and can be mixed with other metals to obtain different colorings and be more durable.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is one of the more affordable options for your wedding bands. Sterling silver is copper mixed with silver, which makes it much more durable.

Silver still can tarnish quite easily, so you’ll want to take extra care of your wedding bands and keep them cool and dry.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel gives off a similar appearance to sterling silver, except it has more of a shine. It’s affordable as well, but also extremely durable. It’s perfect for someone who wants a more contemporary look for their wedding band, along with a quality strength band.


The lightweight properties of titanium are what make it a great wedding band. It’s modern as well and can come in silver, black, or gray. They can’t be resized, so if you chose this band, make sure you’re certain it fits perfectly.


Tungsten is four times harder than titanium, so you can be very certain this ring isn’t going to break.

The metal is so hard that the rings require little to no maintenance. They also cannot be resized, just as titanium. They often come in black and are rising in popularity in the modern industry.

When you’re looking for a wedding band material, getting a wedding dress can’t be too far from your mind. You don’t have to spend a fortune on one, and you can still love your special gown

Win Your Wedding

You can literally get a toolkit to your wedding, because we know they’re expensive and take a lot of planning. Finding the right wedding band metal is just the first step.

When you’ve planned out your financial steps, you’re much more prepared than many people who decide to tie the knot. Put the stress out of your wedding, and enjoy your special day.


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