Tips for Photographing Children in The Street

by Susan Paige
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Children have their unique way of making special photos that without them, would have worth nothing. They have the ability to transmit all their energy through that characteristic brightness that is in their eyes. How they will do it, no one knows, but in this post, you will be learning a few tips on how to go about photographing children, capturing all their intensity and vitality.

But this time, we are going to the street. So get your shoes on and let’s go to the street to see how to capture beautiful pictures of children on the street.

#1: The place

Clearly, the choice of a good place is quite decisive when taking good photos. It is clear that many times we cannot change all our plans by going to a special place, but if the objective is to go specifically to take photos of your children, nephews, or whatever it is, it will be a good idea to investigate and choose a cool place.

A park with swings and slides where there are not many people, a vintage market with fabrics of all colors, a street with typical houses, you decide!

Also, the site where you finally decide to take the photos will influence the children’s mood and behavior, which brings us to the next point.

#2: Let them do what they want

It’s important you let them be free and do what they like in their own natural ways. If you force them to pose for you, you may not only be getting boring photos, but they will quickly be tired or even get angry, and that, as many will know, has a difficult remedy.

So, let them run, jump, play, and, if it seems good, let them get stained. Have you ever been fascinated by pictures of children wallowing in the mud, eating ice cream that doesn’t stop melting on their shirt or splashing in a fountain? You need to see this one day.

#3: The clothes

We assume that we could skip this section, but it is worth stressing that the children we are going to photograph wear appropriate clothing for the occasion.

Eye! It is not that they are dressed to the nines, but that they wear clothes consistent with the circumstances (the place, what they will do, the style we want to give the photos, etc.). Remember, your photos need to tell a story. So just like you prepare yourself or your models in self portrait photography, fashion, or product photography, you also need to get the children ready for a perfect session.

#4: The lighting

The street is a place with many possibilities, but it depends a lot on the time of day and the weather at that time.

Photographers always speak well of the golden hour and the blue hour (both of them correspond to the moments before dusk).  And the truth is that at that time, everything is more dramatic. In fact, photographers often run away from the full light of day, because the direct sun causes the photos to be quite burned (supersaturated) and the shadows are too hard.

In any case, we will not force you to leave at a specific hour or another. We simply want you to consider how much the aesthetics of your photographs can change depending on the lighting you have.

#5: Set the appropriate parameters

As a general rule, to photograph children, you have to be quite fast. As we have told you before, it would be best if they could feel free during the whole photo session, and that usually leads to very fast body movements.

Therefore, perhaps you should set a high shutter speed equal to or greater than 1/500 seconds and then adjust the rest of the parameters to balance the exposure (otherwise, it is very likely that children are blurred and moving).

If you also see that children are going faster than normal and that you do not have time to capture everything they are doing, consider putting the shot in burst mode.

#6: Get up to it

Whenever we portray a person, whether a child or not, we should focus on the eyes to give greater weight to the look since doing so usually gives a special force to the whole photo as a whole.

In the case of children, those eyes are well below our body, so you will have to bend over, lie down, or stand on tiptoe to be at your height.

Obviously, photography is to be experienced, so in addition to taking those “correct” photos that we recommend, you should also take a few from different angles: from above, from below, from the front, from the back, etc. you can always do some photo retouching after shooting.

#7: Let them help you

All photoshoots with children consume a lot of energy, and even more, if they are on the street. Therefore, we recommend that you look for someone who is willing to help you carry all the weight that you cannot carry so you can feel comfortable and unloaded throughout the session. And also, you will need someone who is willing to take a look at all children while you take pictures (if they are more than one).

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