How To Print Maps Direction Cards For Wedding Invite

by Susan Paige
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You’re getting hitched, and you just can’t wait to share your wild excitement by sending out personalised wedding invitations to all of your family and friends. But before you do, it’s worth paying attention to the little details that make a big difference on your wedding day.

Letting your guests know the day and date of your nuptials is of the highest importance. So, too, is providing information on how they can get to the wedding and reception venues. Enclosing a map direction card inside the envelope of your wedding invite will ensure that every guest knows how to get to the celebration destinations. It’s an essential insert to provide, especially if you have guests travelling from out of town, and far and wide, to join you on your special day.

What You Need:

Printing maps direction cards to send out with your personailised wedding invitations is easy to do. You don’t have to be expert mapmaker in order to create a map that directs your guests to your wedding venue. All you need is access to a computer that has photo-editing software, and some free time and plenty of patience.

Creating A Unique Map


Begin your maps direction card making process by opening the photo software program and creating a new document. You will be using the drawing tools that are located under the icon of a pencil or paintbrush.

Find the wedding venue location by using your preferred online map website. If using Google Maps, you can type in your venue address and instantly locate the area.

Press ‘Print Screen’ on the keyboard to copy the image so that you can paste it into your document. If you need to alter the size to fit, simply drag the corners.

Highlighting The Areas

It’s a nice touch to provide additional details just in case guests take a wrong turn when following the map you have sent with your personalised wedding invitations. You can do this by tracing over major roads or a specific route to highlight the area that you are directing them to. Play around with the ‘Drawing’ tool’s smooth or squiggly lines to mark out small roads, rivers and other landmarks.

Once you have drawn over all of the lines for the entire geographical area where your wedding venue is located, you can add labels with the ‘Text Box’ tool to identify roads etc. When complete, delete the background Google image. You will be left with an outline of the location of your wedding.

Label The Details

Your guests will need to know how to navigate their way directly to the wedding venue and/or reception location. You can provide the relevant information clearly by placing the text in an ‘Autoshape’ bubble. To do this, go back to Google Maps and pull up a close-up image of the key area surrounding the wedding ceremony venue. Copy and paste, and resize to make it smaller. Inside the ‘bubble’, trace all of the lines for the roads etc. For easy formatting, group all of the lines together with the bubble, so that the bubble appears on top and in front of the roads.

Fill out the background with white to delete the unnecessary information that may lead wanderlust guests, on route to your wedding, temporarily astray.

Repeat the entire process again to create an Autoshape bubble for the reception venue. You can utilise your creative skills by adding a free clipart symbol for the church.

It’s a good idea to provide driving instructions to the wedding venue from all directions, so that guests travelling some distance can easily find the destination.

Add your graphics to the map using the insert tool.

Export your map as a high-resolution JPEG or PNG, and print copies to send with your personalised wedding invitations.

Or alternatively find an online map creator that does everything for you!

Beautify Your Creation

Whilst it’s fine to send out high-res printed maps of the directions to your wedding, it’s nice to add a few finishing touches to your artistic creation. You can do this by coordinating your maps direction cards with the theme and colour palette of your personalised wedding invitations and wedding thank you cards. Print the maps on good quality paper, and add a customised handwritten message on the reverse to make sure that your favourite relatives and closest friends get to the church on time.

Choose Professional Quality Map Direction Cards

If you’re pushed for time and have an ample wedding budget you can always opt for a professional service, for your maps direction cards. Many professional wedding stationery vendors include geographical format direction/destination cards as part of the wedding package.

For maximum visual impact, and unrivalled practical helpfulness, select a double-sided digital printed card that features beautiful artwork and written direction instructions on one side, and a printed map on the reverse. If you’re artsy and creative, it’s also possible to hand draw your map and have it digitally printed, to give your wedding invitations a special personal touch. The map side is printed in full colour for easy landmark referencing and roadway navigation.

Mail Your Wedding Invitations

Once you have your print maps direction cards for wedding invitations ready, you can start to assemble the stationery package. Arrange all of the items – wedding invitation, reception card, direction card, RSVP card etc. – in size order with the largest card at the bottom. Make sure each card is face up. The reply envelope should be placed face down on top on the pile.


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