Mens Wedding Rings Buyer’s Guide

by Susan Paige
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The big day is getting closer and it’s time to pick a ring. Sure, men’s wedding rings may not seem as big of a deal as engagement rings. After all, as the cliché goes, the wedding is mostly for her, while he has to put up with it.

Think of it this way though. A wedding ring is a symbol of your upcoming union in matrimony. It’s a beautiful token of your love and dedication to your spouse. And that’s a pretty big deal, right?

As a man, however, you may not be knowledgeable, or comfortable, with wearing jewelry. Many men wouldn’t even know what they like when it comes to jewelry! Alternatively, you might be shopping for your husband-to-be, but you’re not sure what to pick.

Men’s wedding rings come in all shapes, materials, widths, and prices. While your choice will ultimately be down to your taste and personal preference, knowing your options will definitely help you make a decision.

This guide’s here to tell you everything you need to know about choosing a wedding band and ensure you get the right fit. Read on!

Ring Width

Male wedding rings, just like any rings, come in different widths. That is, would you rather get a bigger ring or a smaller one?

Slimmer men’s wedding rings can get down to 2mm, while wider options can get up to 12mm. A 4mm ring is still considered on the slimmer side, while 6mm would be medium, and upward of 8mm would be deemed wide.

It’s important to note that wider rings are typically more costly. But you’re buying this ring for a lifetime, so it’s no time to be miserly. Get a ring that makes you happy!

What Material for a Male Wedding Ring?

Picking the right material for your ring is essential. The most common metals are yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, titanium, platinum, and stainless steel. Furthermore, other metals such as tungsten and zirconium are becoming more popular.

The reason for choosing a metal over another can be aesthetic of course, as different metals have different colors. There’s also the symbolism of each metal, with gold being quite classic and timeless for instance. But there might be other factors to consider as well.

Metals such as white gold and palladium are easier to resize, but more vulnerable to wear. On the other hand, modern metals like tungsten and titanium can’t be resized, but they won’t get scratched as much.

Your finger’s size might change over the course of your life. If you want to keep the same ring all your life, a precious metal ring might be what you need as you can have it resized without hassle.

Conversely, if you opt for a modern metal, you might have to replace it altogether if it doesn’t fit you anymore.

But if you do lots of manual labor and want to wear your ring all the time, a more modern metal like tungsten might be a better fit because it’s very resistant to scratches.

You should also know that certain materials can trigger allergies. For instance, white gold contains nickel, which some people are allergic to. Platinum is hypoallergenic and quite durable, but costly.

Get Your Ring Size

Naturally, your wedding ring has to be the right size for you finger. Get a ring sizer or use an online tool such as this one, which simply requires a printer.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a ring sizer, metal ones are more reliable than plastic ones. And individual sizers tend to be more precise than the big heavy metal circle ones with other sizers.

While it may seem straightforward, there are a few nuances to this. First off, wider bands deliver a tighter fit. You’ll want to use a wide sizer if you’re going for a bigger ring.

Your fingers may also vary in size throughout the day. The best time to get your size is between mid- and late-afternoon, when your fingers are at their biggest stable size.

Additionally, you may need to adjust the ring depending on the metal you’re getting. And finally, don’t be surprised if different jewelers give you different sizes. That’s because they don’t all use the same method.

Choose Your Style of Wedding Ring

After choosing your preferred width and material, it’s time to pick a finish that suits your style. Let’s review some common ring shapes.

The classic court might be the most common ring shape and is round inside and out. The D-shape ring has a round exterior but is flat inside, which can deliver a closer fit.

The flat ring, as its name indicates, is flat inside and out. It’s cozy to wear, but tends to get stuck on clothing a bit more than the other ones. The flat court mixes the classic court and and flat ring with a flat exterior and round interior.

You’ll also find various types of polish. The high polish is the most common type, and looks like smooth, glimmering metal. Matte rings, on the other hand, offer less brightness.

Combination rings sit directly between high polish and matte finish. Finally, hammered rings have a very distinctive style. They look as if every part of the ring was hammered in, resulting in a more unique look.

You’ll also find rings that have patterns as well as different materials. Furthermore, you can decide to get your ring engraved. It’s a lovely way of making your wedding ring more personal using a word, message, or image.

Prices of Different Materials

Lots of options for men are quite affordable. Modern metals such as titanium and tungsten tend to be cheaper, while precious metals cost more.

Silver is cheaper than gold. When it comes to gold, rose gold is the most affordable one because its alloy, copper, isn’t very costly. Yellow gold and white gold are nearly identical in price.

Platinum is significantly more expensive, however it looks quite similar to white gold. So if you’re looking to spend a significant amount of money on your ring, it might be more wisely invested on a diamond rather than a platinum setting.

Men’s Wedding Rings Are Important!

There you have it, your essential men’s wedding rings buyer’s guide. Buying a wedding ring is a special occasion, so it’s worth taking the time to get just the right ring.

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