How To Finance Your Wedding With No Savings and Poor Credit

by Susan Paige
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When it’s time to plan your big day, just like with all of life’s key milestones, you’re going to need to start thinking about money. Whether you’re wanting to go all out or keep the service small, there are costs involved. Some of us, however much we want to tie the knot, are in the position of having zero savings and poor credit, making the big day seem even further away. 

The good news is, there are various ways to fund your wedding without any money in the bank. In fact, there are lenders that exist purely to help people in your position.

Bad Credit Loans 

Loans aren’t just meant for people with perfect credit histories. Some of us know all too well about financial struggle and just how difficult it can be to build and maintain a credit score. Lending for people with bad credit exists to get people the funding they need and to help them rebuild their FICO ratings. 

Now, you shouldn’t expect the best interest rates and terms, but with a bit of shopping around, there’s nothing stopping you from finding a loan that works for your budget and wedding plans. 

Family and Friends

Isn’t there some sort of tradition that the bride’s father has to pay for the ceremony? It’s quite rare for this to happen these days, but there’s nothing wrong with turning to loved ones and your own little community of friends to make the day magical.

It’s commonplace to receive gifts at weddings and these are often monetary. If you need help pulling the event together, it might be a good idea to forgo wedding gifts in favour of donations to make the big day happen. 

Pick Up New Employment 

Side gigs are a great way to hone your skills outside of the day job and to make a bit of extra cash. Now, there aren’t enough hours in the day for some of us to take on freelance roles from home after clocking off, but any way to bring in extra cash, whether it helps to advance your career or not, can make all the difference. 

You may find that this helps you increase your budget and retain a lot of the fairytale-like features you had hoped to include. Plus, it need only be a temporary solution, unless you find it solves financial problems outside of your wedding too. 

Budget Budget Budget

This one might not help you make money, but it’ll help you hold on to what you do have. Setting realistic budgets and cutting down on unnecessary purchases will bring your financial goal that much closer. Eating at home instead of out, drinking coffee you make yourself instead of buying it from the local barista: these are little adjustments that go a long way toward saving money. 

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