5 Unique Last Minute Gift Ideas for your Partner’s Birthday

by Susan Paige
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It’s just 24-48 hours before your partner’s birthday. Everything is all set for a memorable… wait a minute. You just realized that you’ve not picked anything yet for your newlywed partner. Well, it was a busy week, possibly catering to an important client or you were just plain procrastinating, so what now?

Specialized and customized gifts don’t happen overnight, and shipping can be wholly unreliable, so what can make a unique last-minute gift without it seeming too rushed?

Ah, the stress of a procrastinator! It can make one dread birthdays, especially that of a significant other.  Fear not, you are not alone, and the last thing a couple need is a lover’s tiff over a gift or rather the lack of one.

The recommendations below may not have been your original choice especially when you do not have time constraints. But in case of emergencies, these can be lifesavers literally. 

Again, it is the thought and love that goes with the gift that counts, right? So, here goes.

A Birthday Visa Gift Card

This is probably the most obvious choice and always an excellent birthday present. 

Visa gift cards can be considered as an all-access pass to shop for everything your partner wants. It may be either a need or a want, but since it is his/her birthday, who are you to judge? Level-up this gift by adding a personalized photo; your first date, first kiss, or simply a favorite travel destination. Any photo can be printed on the card and evoke a magical memory. 

Make it more special by going shopping with your partner. Women love this because they feel like they have an automatic say to the things they like to purchase, and of course, ladies always grab every chance to shop. Men enjoy the shopping experience with their loved one as well, and just may appreciate your accompaniment to their favorite tech store, or music shop.

A Happy Birthday Surprise Box

This is more of a “for her” box composed of different spa and skin needs. You can choose the scent that you know she likes or give her a new one to love. This is the perfect gift to shower your special someone with TLC and everything a woman would need for some pampering me-time. 

Throw in some fizzy bath bombs in addition to moisturizers, body scrubs, and lotions. Add in some facial masks, and you are all set for your partner’s birthday.

Make it even better by throwing in a matching fuzzy bathrobe and towel set to complete a gift box for a DIY spa at home.

Paid Music and Gaming Subscriptions

Most women would vouch that one of the most common reasons for many of the petty fights between couples is the game-time that your boyfriend or husband spends. They’re lost to you once they get started with their games, quests, and level-up goals. 

Since it is their birthday, be more tolerant of this sedentary pastime and sponsor a month or a year of their gaming subscription. It would all depend on how much you tolerate them being glued to their phones or laptops for the entire month or, God forbid, the whole year. But we guarantee that your partner will be absolutely thrilled. 

However, if a gaming subscription is not your fancy, then how about a music subscription instead. This is also something that you can share. Throw in some bass-defying headphones or speakers, and you are all set.

Champagne x Flute Special Gift Set

Hit the right romantic notes by giving your partner a sophisticated wine glass set or crystal champagne flutes with a bottle of their favorite wine.

Toast the night away and savor a candlelight dinner for two with soft music serenading you. Make it extra special by preparing and cooking the menu of the evening. Sure, reservations in a Michelin-star restaurant would have been just perfect but even if you’re no gourmet chef, you can put together a great meal with a little help from the grocery store. 

Utilitarian French Press Coffee Maker

This is probably the least romantic of them all, but it is the most practical and convenient among your options. Invest in the concept of waking up every day to a perfect brew.

If your partner has a long-standing love affair with coffee, then this is perfect. It just needs coffee and hot water, so anytime, anywhere, your beloved can have that cup of Joe. 

The icing on the cake- every sip he/she takes will remind them of you and how cool is that.

Bottom Line

These unique last-minute gift ideas can work to your advantage, and with proper packaging and presentation, it won’t feel like it was thought of and bought at the very last minute. If you’re looking for out-of-the-box gift ideas like beef jerky flowers, rose bouquets, and bacon roses + dark chocolate  AwesomeGifts got you covered. ideas. Your partner will surely love these unique gifts.

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