Why More and More Young People Say No to Lush Weddings

by Susan Paige
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Every woman dreams about a lush wedding with beautiful scenery and many people around who would come up and give compliments about the dress and celebration. Like what you see in the movies, people set the greatest event outdoors and have a wonderful ceremony where a couple gives each other promises in front of many people. Therefore, a lush wedding dress seems to be very significant. It creates the most elegant image for a woman, which highlights her beauty and uniqueness. The dress can be in traditional style or with an exquisite design that includes various layers and a corset. There is a great variety of dresses young people can find in the wedding salons.  

It’s very common for young people to get married early today. They can still study at university and have plenty of work and tasks to do. However, they make such a serious decision to get married and have a wedding. No matter how busy their life may seem, there is always time for their personal life. And they find a way to settle it. With constant essay writings and home assignments, many young people tend to pay for essays online to save time for essential issues in their life such as a wedding. 


No More Lush Weddings

But why do young people feel less interested in lush weddings? What makes them choose more simple and reasonably priced celebrations? Interestingly, we can notice such a tendency in the last few years. And it’s not only related to the pandemic issue we have in the world today. Many different reasons influence their choice. 


Intimate atmosphere

It goes without saying that when you think about the wedding, the first thought that comes to your mind is how many people you should invite. This organizational process requires time and energy to inform everybody about the event, whether written or with voice. It’s a minor thing that you should bother yourself with. The hardest and most responsible task is to make everybody feel content and comfortable at the wedding. Meeting everybody’s needs is the most complicated thing you can face, even in regard to close people, friends, and relatives. Thus, young people find this process exceedingly tedious. It stops them from making a big lush ceremony for the wedding. A small, modest party with a couple of close people seems to be a good way to celebrate it, creating a very tender and intimate atmosphere for a bride and a groom. 



It can be one of the factors why young people reject dealing with lush weddings. When you organize an exquisite outdoor party, you don’t always rely on the weather because such things are so unpredictable. That’s why you should consider plan B, in case it rains. And you turn out to be organizing two parties or ceremonies to avoid a bad-case scenario. Thus, the cost of the wedding increases at least twice as much. Not everybody is ready for such spendings. Especially young people who save money for other valuable and essential things such as studying. In such a busy time like a wedding preparation, there is no way you can meet all deadlines with your classes, so you might need to order essay on the Internet to cope with all the tasks properly. 



Please consider the most popular months for weddings, when it’s literally hard to book yours. People become crazy with comfortable summertime weather when they can take nice pictures and use the daylight for longer stays outdoors, so it’s becoming a problem for young people to set the time for their wedding party. That’s why the demand for such lush weddings decreases and people choose something more reasonable and suitable for their chosen date. The prices of such weddings are much more loyal, making the wedding an affordable one for most young people. However, the idea of a perfect wedding like from a movie still attracts a lot of people. Some become obsessed with photography in the splendid natural setting so that they don’t see any obstacle to taking a loan from the bank or borrowing money from their relatives to have a one-day experience. 



And one of the main factors that prevent young people from organizing a lush wedding is its costs. Not many realize that making a wedding of your dreams from scratch is a very expensive affair. It demands so much effort and money that not everyone can afford it. You should also consider extra expenses because if you are going to have a ceremony outdoors, too many unpredictable things will likely happen. Therefore, you need to take care of it in advance. If you are inclined to have a celebration inside the building, there are still things which must be included and taken for rent. Many offices offer a ceremony on nature and the registration inside the building. Such an option may cost you twice as much because there will be more extra spendings for each part. Make sure you are familiar with the nuance before you make a decision about your wedding. 

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