Is Vegas a suitable honeymoon or wedding destination on a budget? 

by Susan Paige
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Las Vegas has been a popular option for holidaymakers who are keen to let off some steam over the years. Now, it is one of the top honeymoon and wedding destinations for couples too. In fact, when assessing how wedding costs should be split, people are willing to fork out that bit extra to secure their dream Vegas location. It has a reputation for being expensive, though. 

When assessing the variety of options in Las Vegas, spending vast sums of cash doesn’t always need to be the answer. The most populous city in the state of Nevada is capable of providing life-long memories on a budget, with the city’s characteristics adding to the all-around wedding package. Some people would rather avoid the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas’ famous casino nightlife, for example, especially when you consider how you can play live dealer roulette games on your smartphone device from anywhere in the world these days anyway. Therefore, people perhaps prefer to check out Park Theater, visit some of the city’s art galleries, experience the Hoover Dam, enjoy The Mob Museum, and explore the Seven Magic Mountains.

Of course, big spenders are prevalent in the city, but that doesn’t mean that Vegas’ offering only caters for them, especially when considering the various accommodation options. For a fraction of the price it is to purchase a room at some of the city’s world-famous venues, people can stay at more affordable resorts which offer excellent amenities ideal for any wedding occasion or honeymoon stay. 



Immerse yourself in luxury without breaking the bank

One such option is the Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace. With its Japanese-inspired decor and its selection of gorgeously modern touches, it is the perfect place to wind down after a big wedding ceremony or to prepare for the big day. Located in the separate tower at Caesars Palace, it’s a boutique hotel with plenty of character and a range of room amenities that add an extra touch, such as the herbal sleep oil and tea on offer. From its eye-catching artwork to its golden furnishings, the Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace is a fantastic option. 

Paris Las Vegas is another great alternative for couples on a budget. Boasting the romantic vibes and glorious landmarks that The City of Light is famous for, except in the heart of Las Vegas, it’s a great place to not only experience the romance of Paris but also enjoy the excitement and entertainment that Vegas has to offer too. 



An affordable stay in a world-famous hotel

Most of the famous venues in Vegas cost a bomb to stay in, but they aren’t necessarily all out of reach for couples on a smaller budget. In fact, arguably one of the most famous of them all is the Bellagio, which serves up both elegance and beauty at a much more reasonable rate these days. When it was first built over 20 years ago, the Bellagio was considered the most expensive hotel ever built, but the room options don’t reflect that. At the time of writing, couples can stay in a room for the evening ranging from anywhere between $150-$450. 

The ARIA is another solid option in the city. Offering fine dining and a five-star service many hotels strive to match, the ARIA Resort & Casino is a great option for a honeymoon in particular. With its award-winning rooms and stylish suites, you’ll be able to experience Las Vegas in all of its glory by staying in what is a luxurious haven. 

Other options include The Elara, MGM Grand Las Vegas, and Excalibur Hotel & Casino. 

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