Here’s How to Decorate The “Just Married” Car

by Tamila McDonald
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how to decorate the just married car

With wedding season underway, many groomsmen and bridesmaids want to make sure couples have an amazing send-off. “Just married” car decorations are part of that tradition, allowing the couple to show the world that they’re officially wed. It’s a fun opportunity to get creative, with many groomsmen and bridesmaids wanting to do far more than just hang a “just married” sign in the window. If you’ve got decorating duties and want to get it right, here’s how to handle the “just married” car decorations.

Research Local Laws Before Getting Any “Just Married” Car Decorations

While the members of the wedding party might not want to start this journey with research, it’s the best way to begin. Local ordinances about decorations can vary dramatically, and some areas have incredibly strict laws about covering rear windows, attaching items that might detach and become litter on roadways, dragging anything behind a vehicle, using lighting, and more.

In some cases, failing to follow local laws could mean a hefty fine for the couple once they hit the road. Even in the best-case scenario, they may have to pull over and remove or clean up the decorations that violate the ordinances, something that may not be fun while donning wedding attire.

Before you apply any “just married” car decorations, look up local laws along the couple’s entire driving route. That ensures that anything the groomsmen or bridesmaids apply follows the rules, preventing any unpleasant run-ins with law enforcement for the couple.

Wash the Car to Start with a Clean Slate

If possible, you want to take the time to wash the car before you do any decorating. In the end, the result will look better if the vehicle isn’t covered in dirt and grime. Plus, it’ll make the process more pleasant for the decorators, as you won’t be handling items on a dirty surface.

How you go about cleaning the car is up to you. Some soap, a bucket of water, a few sponges, and a hose may be all you need to handle it yourself. However, if you have access to the vehicle for long enough and you’ve got the keys, you could take it to a car wash instead. If you go with the latter, just make sure you remove any detachable antennas or other items that could get damaged along the way.

Get Window Markers to Take the Classic Decorating Approach

Few car decorations are as classic as having “Just Married” showing in a car window. While you could potentially use a sign, that has a higher likelihood of blocking visibility for the driver. Since that’s the case, window markers are usually the best alternative. The ink is crisp, and it gives better visibility. Plus, it’s easy to wash off when the time comes.

Window markers are also available in an array of colors. While starting with a traditional white isn’t a bad idea, you can add in other hues to up the artistic factor.

Just make sure that you avoid using window markets in a way that hampers visibility. When you add it to the rear window, make sure the mirror still clearly reveals what’s behind the vehicle. Avoid doing anything to the driver and front passenger side windows, and keep the windshield clear. That way, the car is still safe to drive.

Consider Removable Vinyl Decals for More Decorating Options

Removable vinyl decals are a versatile option for decorating more of a vehicle than you can with window markers. Plus, if no one in the wedding party has solid penmanship, they could even work as window marker replacements.

The beauty of removable vinyl decals is that they stay in place but won’t damage the underlying surface in most cases. By choosing the right removable vinyl decals, you can apply designs to painted areas of the vehicle, such as door panels or body-colored bumpers. Along with phrases like “Just Married,” you can get designs like flowers, balloons, or other celebratory shapes to take it up a notch.

You can get options in white that say “Just Married” for the rear windows of cars if you don’t want to write it out with a marker. Just be aware that the vinyl does stick up slightly from the glass. As a result, it could get caught on a rear windshield wiper if the car is equipped with one. Since that’s the case, you’ll only want to use that if the vehicle doesn’t have a rear wiper, or you can position it in a corner out of the wiper’s path.

One nice point about going this route is that you can get removable vinyl decals that act like a whiteboard. That allows the groomsmen and bridesmaids – as well as other guests – to write a message to the couple that they can add to the car. It’s a fun way to personalize things a bit more.

Bring in Some Tassel Garlands for a Bit of Movement

Tassel garlands are a fun way to bring in movement. As the couple drives, the strands of the tassels will lift up in the breeze, creating a lovely flutter. Plus, you can get them in essentially any color, allowing you to coordinate with the vehicle paint, wedding colors, or anything else you’d like.

With a garland, you mainly have to secure the two ends, which can make it simpler to use than some alternatives. Ideally, you want to find a smooth loop or hole on the vehicle body, as those are less likely to cut through the garland quickly, and the knots won’t slide off through an opening. If you have access to a tie-down specifically, that’s perfect, though other spots can work, too.

Just make sure that the garland lays relatively tight against the vehicle, ensuring only the tassels move. Additionally, if you’re attaching it to a door or rear hatch, make sure it doesn’t impact function or block visibility.

Add Some Flowers and Greenery for a Natural, Sophisticated Look

If the tassels aren’t your style, some flowers and greenery are a solid alternative. It still adds color and draws attention to the vehicle but feels a bit more sophisticated.

As with tassels, going with garlands can make attaching the decorations easier. You’ll just want to make sure you can secure them fully, particularly since these garlands can get a bit heavy.

You could also go with a wreath instead. With that, you’d like want to hang it a bit lower if you place it on the back of the vehicle, so it’s underneath the rear window. Just make sure it doesn’t obstruct the license plate, as that’s usually against the law.

Do you know of any just married car decorations that should be considered must-haves? Do you have any tips for decorating the car that you’d like to share? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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