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by Chonce Maddox

Top resume writing requirements

In this article, we will consider the rules for writing a resume in English, the requirements for its design and structure, as well as the most popular cheap resume writing services that you can use.

In business English, there are 2 types of resumes you need to know about:

  1. A resume is a small piece of information about your education, work experience, and professional skills, as well as skills.
  2. CV (Curriculum Vitae) is a complete reference that includes detailed information about your education, work experience, and professional skills, as well as skills, containing information about awards and achievements.

The border between these concepts has recently been completely blurred, and the terms CV and resume can be regarded as identical.

Let's take a closer look at the rules for writing a resume. Our tips aim to make your resume as successful and attractive to employers as possible, and you could get the job of your dreams.

The basic rules for writing a resume are as follows:

  • Write your resume yourself. Nobody can tell you about yourself better than you.
  • If possible, tailor your CV for each company and position. Pay special attention to the Objective and Profile items.
  • Try to keep your resume as short and concise as possible. Remember, recruiters only look at resumes for a few seconds.
  • Remove old and irrelevant experiences from your resume. If your resume is longer than one page, make sure the first page's information will get the recruiter to look at the second page.
  • Always leave only relevant contacts. Make sure to spell your email address correctly.
  • Be accurate and truthful. Remember that any information can be verified. Don't list skills you don't own.
  • Check your resume for errors because even a trivial typo can give you the impression of an inattentive person.

The volume of the resume. Font and size requirements

Try to fit your resume into 1 page, but if you have a lot of work experience or several formations, then the maximum that you can take is 2 pages.

Use a standard font (Arial, Garamond, Times New Roman, or Verdana). The main text's font size is 11-12 pt; for headings, use 14-16 pt.

Be sure to use bold, italic, and color text on your resume. Highlight your first and last name and Objective using a font larger than 18-20 pt

Resume paragraphs

Structure your resume text to make it readable. Use bulleted lists when listing skills and work experience.

Top, bottom, and left margins are not less than 2 cm, right - 1.5 cm; alignment of the main text to the width or the left.

Recommended line spacing for resume writing 1.15 - 1.5

Resume document format

Please use PDF format to send your resume electronically. 

This way, you can be sure that your resume will not be formatted and go to the employer in the form you sent it.

Resume structure


Instead of the title, the applicant's name is most often written - this helps to reduce the length of the resume.

Personal information

Be sure to include these items with personal information about yourself:

Name: If you used your name in the title, then do not repeat it

Date of birth: It is better to write the month's name in letters because some countries have adopted a different date format.

Address: The address is usually written in this order: house number and street name, apartment number, city, postal code, country.

Mobile: Be sure to indicate in the international format because You may be called from another country.

Email: Do not forget to check it several times; otherwise, the employment specialist will not be able to contact you.

You can also include information about Marital status, Nationality, but these items are not required since the employer should, first of all, evaluate your professional skills.


At this point, you must indicate the position for which you are applying. If you know the vacancy code, be sure to write it.


Briefly describe who you are, what your skills are, and what you expect from the position.

Try using a few lines to attract a potential employer's attention, indicating exactly those skills that are most needed in this position.


Please list your education, starting with your last place of education, in reverse chronological order.

Work experience

Indicate periods of work, position, company name. Describe your role in your position in one sentence. Highlight the skills used and developed, your goals, responsibilities, and outcomes. Try to use more specifics and numbers.


Be sure to edit your resume to reflect best the skills and qualities mentioned in the job description.

Nowadays, absolutely everything can be done using computer programs, even writing a resume thanks to cheap resume writing services.

The easy-to-use cheap resume writing services will help structure your experience, highlight the merits, and then save it in an easy-to-use PDF format.

Top 3 cheap resume writing services

  • LinkedIn ProFinder
  • Top CV


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