Effective Love Spell Using Pictures

by Chonce Maddox

Binding spells with pictures















Love binding spells with the help of a photo

At some point in life, you may have held your beloved's photo and wished you could control them through it to secure the future of your love. And, voila! Getting to influence and control a darling through their photographs has become a globally adopted handling in matters of the heart. It has simply spread like wildfire because of the ease with which a partner can acquire their beloved's photo. So the real question is, how often do you take pictures? Spellcaster Maxim https://spellshelp.com/Spellsbook/Love-spells/love-spell-put-with-the-help-of-photograph is once again a deity in the matter of hearts, for all love spells with pictures.

Coming from experience, the most effective spells of love are the binding love spells with pictures. It is as universal and fundamental as life itself. Its knowledge is shared and doesn't have any special quire requirements. With this, anyone can do it so long as they get to focus on their feelings, desires, and thoughts. These three have and can be felt by anyone regardless of any factors.

Simple love spells using pictures require you to have a recently taken photo. This will share all the person's energy from when the photo was taken clearly with the magic and determine the spell's power. For better results, a recent photo is of utmost importance to a love spell with pictures. A recent photo enables the magic to work on the version of your beloved from the point in time when the photograph was captured and not any other version.

Notable should be that a love binding spell using photos attaches a person to you, and it is not permanent.  At least not for all eternity, but worthwhile. All love spells go against your beloved's choice, ideas, thoughts, and desires to force them to be with you. Its wide acceptance may be an upcoming wonder of the world regardless of its consequences. It is therefore advisable that you have good intentions before using binding spells with pictures. Good intentions don't include breaking up someone's family.

Follow these simple steps for a photo love spell

First, ensure you get a recent photo of your beloved, a coin, a long red thread, and a red piece of cloth. Once you have all these, prepare yourself for the ritual to read your energies.

Place the coin on top of the photo, wrap it with the red cloth and wind the thread around the red piece of fabric. Now have the bundle in a hidden place so that no one can find and tamper with it.  You also have to recite this spell while winding the thread around the red piece of cloth while your beloved is on your mind.

"It isn't the thread that I'm winding; it's love, so he misses me and thinks about me day and night, in the moonlight and sunlight. As God's servant (your name) can't live or be without his shadow, so can't he live and enjoy life without me (your name). Walk-walk, stumbling, suffocating with love for me. As the Sun floats across the Sky, so walks (his name) to me (your name). The thread ate into the bundle; love and longing came. My word is a lock!"

Here come your second obsession spells with pictures! With a recent photo of your beloved, take off your shoes and place the image under your left heel. Subsequently, recite the following words twelve solid times.

"As your face is under my heel, so are you, God's servant (his name), under me. With me, you'll dance; without me, end as cry, without me-It's saltbush, with me-it's sweets and honey. Without me-it's headaches, and the eyes don't see the light, while with me- the Sun's shining, so being with me is better. Don't leave me, ever."

For the case of a lover who starts losing interest in you, you may opt for love spells using pictures and candles. This voodoo love picture spell will reignite the spark that was fading in your relationship and get you back on track. All it needs is for you to wait until midnight. You will need to have a red candle, your beloved's picture, a white piece of paper, and a red pen. Place your beloved's picture in front of you. Put a red candle behind the photo and light it.

This red candle should be the sole source of light in the room. Get a white piece of paper and express down these exact words of the spell using a red pen.

"Sadness, go to my lover (his name). Go inside his head, so all he could think was me (your name), hugging me, kissing me, and loving me. My words are strong and sticky."

Afterward, ensure you burn the paper down using the red candle fire. The smoke should cover the picture when you burn it under the photo. While the smoke has covered the photograph, you need to recite these exact words,

"The blood's boiling, unable to keep still. Whatever goes over the head comes into the head. When the fire appears behind the back-the heart of God's servant (his name) excites."

Look no further for your reliable voodoo love spells using pictures. They are mostly done when the moon is waxing. Some exception times are when on the full moon or the waning moon. This exceptions are dependent and vary with your goals, in this case, for vengeance.  It would be best if you had a chest-revealing photo of your beloved, a red pen, a red piece of cloth, and a red threaded needle. Take a recent photo of your beloved exposing his chest, write your name both at the back, and then have your beloved's name just beneath yours. If your intentions are pure, face down the photo and make stitches on the chest area with a red thread. Remember to recite these exact words;

"As the thread goes after the needle, so does God's servant (his name) after me (your name)." Ensure that your last stitch ends up where you began stitching and the needle pointing to you. This will leave the end of the thread hanging down the back of the photo. Use the hanging end to make a triple knot and drop some wax on it, reciting, "So be it!"

When the candle has burnt down to completion, wrap the photo in a red cloth and hide it in a secret place to avoid tampering with it.

Your way forward

Some articles like this one only guide on how to do a love spell with a picture. Over the years, it has proven to be authentic as it came through for many people who have tried it. So, it works. Even so, the best article and work tools don't automatically mean you are a good worker. You have to put in your time and effort and commit to excellence to be a good and experienced specialist.  That being our thumbs-up rule, effective and powerful magic spells don't make you an expert in the field as a magic practitioner.

Lest you will put in your effort, time, and commit to being a professional magician like Esoteric Spellcaster Maxim. So please don't cast magic spells without having the experience and skills to help fix any mistakes you make. This goes hand in hand with having an altar, magic accessories, and sync your divine energies.

Any still waters run deep, and anyone is welcome to experiment. Your shortcomings, failures, and poor results will still be a plus to your knowledge and exposure. Without a doubt, it should lead you to understand and acknowledge the existence of one professional magic practitioner. Spellcaster Maxim will perform effective love spells using pictures for you in high-quality rituals that will deliver your lamb to you. Be sure to get someone who will have your back if anything goes wrong, and they can reverse or make the ritual right. Nurture your value for quality even when it comes at a monetary value.

Who wouldn't want an effective love spell using pictures that will last for longer and, in return, give you exceptional pure love, happiness, and fulfillment of your deepest desires? A binding love spell with a photo can be made more effective by using voodoo love dolls.  These ritual procedures are not a secret anymore in our societies today. There are several videos to watch to get a clear illustration. Some have been shot by the Esoteric about easy love spells with pictures.


Therefore, love binding spells using pictures is a simple and effective way to find and maintain the spark you desire in our relationship. It should always be used for good. Remember to always look for a professional like Spellcaster Maxim to handle your issues for the best and long-lasting results. Secure the future of your heart matters. And when you're happy, it gives your professional magician the satisfaction of their work. Be happy, be love and fulfill your heart's desires every minute of your life.



Dana Brandt November 29, 2017 - 8:11 pm

These tips are great if you want to keep your wedding budget low. The one thing you defintely should spend money on is a good photographer because those pictures are awesome to look at years from now and they last lnger than the other stuff!!

Chandirrasekar DCS August 30, 2017 - 5:31 am

I do want to spend more money for organizing a grand wedding ceremony. I planned out for a simple and decent wedding for my daughter. The above post helped me to organize my daughter’s wedding within my budget. A budget wedding is possible only when you limit your guests.

Sylvia @Professional Girl on the Go May 16, 2017 - 4:56 am

Great post! My budget for our wedding for $5,000 and I tried my hardest to stay within that amount. I was a few dollars over, so I was happy about that. Also, I was lucky enough to have a few items paid for by my mom and my Mother in Law


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