Top 5 best ps2 roms to play on PC

by Chonce Maddox

It has been more than 20 years since the PlayStation 2 was released. We are talking about, for many, the best console in history, and we do not say it for nostalgia, the numbers show it: The best-selling console in history with 157.7 million copies sold, surpassing all the rest of PlayStation consoles, the Wii and the Xbox, among others. With one of the largest existing catalogs, with approximately between 2500 and 3000 games. Without a doubt, the PS2 gave a great boost to the gaming world as we know it now.

For many of us who were lucky enough to play it in our childhood, we would not mind remembering those times by playing a little game. Luckily, technology has advanced so that with a few downloads, you can get a PS2 rom and an emulator to run them and thus be able to play them on your PC and relive your childhood.

Among the best emulators, we can find PCSX2, Play! PS2 Emulator, RetroArch, and Emulatorx. For games, it is more complicated, since many pages don't offer enough variety, or the downloads don't work. Our suggestion is, the best PS2 roms download site.

Now, outside of personal preferences, several games have made history with the PS2. Here we leave you the list of the 5 best PS2 games, which you can enjoy by downloading them on your PC.

5: Kingdom Hearts (Squaresoft, 2002)

When Squaresoft (now known as Square Enix) and Disney announced a collaboration to release a game, many people were shocked. How Disney characters would fit together with a fantasy world from the creators of Final Fantasy. People were more surprised to see that Kingdom Hearts was a jewel. A risky bet that couldn't have been better.

Without a doubt, the agile combat system and direct towards the delights of the most demanding. The story of Sora and the rescue of Kairi and Riku (with the help of Donald and Goofy) in movie places like the worlds of Alice in Wonderland, Tarzan, Aladin, Pinocchio, or The Mermaid was undoubtedly a hit that makes this game and its continuations one of the most loved sagas by fans.

4: God of War 2 (Sony Santa Monica, 2007)

God of War and its protagonist, Kratos, are one of the stars of PS, and not without reason. The release of the first God of War in 2005 was expected as an action-platformer similar to Prince of Persia. But God of War developed a style of its own, partly thanks to the charisma and brutality of the Ghost of Sparta. The original game, having to kill the Olympian Gods gave us a great style of combat in a genre that, until then, only the Japanese dominated.

But if God of War is a classic, God of War 2 surpassed it in absolutely everything. He didn't just copy the good things from the first game but improved on the already excellent special effects, art finishes, and combat system. All this served to consolidate the later saga, which would follow the same tone and direction as these jewels. No doubt either one could be on the table, but for its outstanding improvements over its predecessor, we place God of War 2 here.

3: Final Fantasy X (Squaresoft, 2002)

Final Fantasy is a benchmark in the world of games, being one of the longest-lived sagas in history. Final Fantasy X had a very important mission, being the first Final Fantasy of the PlayStation 2. Certainly, it won't be the most beloved of the saga, but definitely, Final Fantasy X surpassed his objectives.

With a revolution at the graphic level, a change in the mechanics of the game, and surely the most emotional story of the entire Final Fantasy saga. Loaded with charismatic characters, in one of the most successful environments, with a beach atmosphere, which fit perfectly with the story itself, and we cannot forget about Blitzball.

2: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (KONAMI, 2004)

The Metal Gear saga has always offered us a different scenario, where stealth plays a very important role. Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater kept the essence of the previous games, based on infiltration and espionage, but completely changed the rest. We went from cities and urban environments to a jungle, and natural landscapes in the Soviet Union. It was a perfect change of atmosphere for a game that recounted the origins of the saga.

New mechanics were also implemented such as hunting to feed Naked Snake (not to be confused with Solid Snake, the main protagonist of the saga) or heal wounds and broken bones. But what gives this game such a high position in its history, as moving as it is full of moments that surely remain in our memories. Who doesn't remember the sniper duel against The End or the final battle against The Boss in that field of flowers? Without a doubt, a story where no aspect is out of place.

1 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Rockstar, 2004)

We could not leave off the table the best-selling game in the history of PS2. GTA San Andreas is considered the best GTA in history. Everyone, even those who have not played this wonder, will meet CJ, the protagonist of this game. It has one of the largest maps on the PS2 as it included 3 cities set in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas.

The level of character customization was something new. We could control the weight of our character, their handling with weapons, or their driving. Mechanics such as swimming, diving, or climbing were also implemented, which had never been used in GTA. This, together with, as we have already said before, the size of the map, which will allow you almost unlimited hours of entertainment, together with the new mechanics, make GTA: San Andreas a historical reference in video games.

All these games are the history of the PS2, the jewels of a legendary console, that does not mean that titles like Crash Bandicoot or Guitar Hero are also historical. In the end, choosing the PS2 rom you want to play depends on your childhood and your tastes. So choose fearlessly and start playing!


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