Top Flop Strategy

by Chonce Maddox

With the top-flop strategy, you usually have to with little effort. You can basically start using this strategy as a private investor. It's best to sit down at the beginning of the year to pick out the best stocks from a particular index. You can use the DAX to buy the most purchased stocks for yourself. However, you should only buy the securities that have performed the worst over the past year. The stocks that have lost the most value should have the best potential to catch up the most. Accordingly, if you buy the biggest losers, you have to hope for price increases, which usually become visible within the next few months. So you bet on a reversal course that should start.

After exactly six months, you should then turn over the portfolio. That means that then the five shares from the same index are bought, which listed the highest profit in the first half-year. If the winners of the beginning of the year include the loser stocks, you should keep them. If they are not, you need to sell them. You don't need much time for this strategy, because here you can bet on stocks only twice a year and pick them quickly. It is easy to find out the performance of the stocks. Beginners who are trading stocks for the first time can get along well with the strategy and do not have to keep an eye on the portfolio all the time.

Dividend strategy

If you want to turn to the dividend strategy, you should know that you do not rely primarily on the price performance of the shares. It is, in fact, about the payment of dividends, which should tell you the right direction. The regular distributions to the shareholders and the profits generated is the foreground of the strategy. In this regard, you should look at which company pays the best and highest dividend. However, at the same time, the company should also have good profits and be well represented in the market. However, you should pay attention to the fact that the dividend of some companies can be too high compared to the profits. The investors should be deceived in this way. People like to fake the economic situation by this means.

At the beginning of the year, it is best to buy the ten stocks that have special advantages with the highest dividend yield. Buy shares that have only a low share price. The shares should be a year to hold, and then around the next turn of the year to match the strategy with the profits. The depot must be adapted accordingly by you, in order to buy again only the shares, which are attractive from public companies with high dividends.

This strategy is suitable for people who have little time to follow the trade permanently. Investing money for the long term means using one of the trading strategies that, like the dividend strategy, does not require quick intervention. Of course, you are not protected from losses. Namely, the dividend payments of some companies may not only be reduced, but may be eliminated altogether.

Momentum strategy

The momentum strategy is based on the wisdom "The trend is your friend". This strategy takes advantage of the stocks in Exness Singapore that have offered the best price performance in the recent past. Price gains should also show good values in the near future. With this strategy you should take all stocks into your field of vision that show very good upward trends. Sideways phases are best avoided completely. You should use a 26-week period to analyze the stock prices. The last 26 weeks the stock must have a high quality average price. The last weeks are added with the last weekly closing prices and divided by 26. Then the price of the shares is divided by the calculated average price of the share. If you get a value above 1, this is a buy signal. You should buy the share directly and hold it longer.

It also makes sense to check the index of the stock. The index should also show a good position. However, do not buy more than two stocks at the beginning. After that, you need to update the ranking list weekly so that you can recalculate the current price for the last 26 weeks. If the stock slips far down your list, you should sell it if it is found in the last third. In return, buy a new stock that is not yet in your portfolio.


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