Frugal Home Repairs and Upgrades

deck-1744953_640When you’re a homeowner, whether that is a big house, small house, moveable home, whatever it is, you know that there is something you can’t avoid. Home repairs. Yes, we all have them, we all have to go through them but sometimes, the bills that can amount from a “simple” fix can leave you scratching your head, and your pockets trying to find a way to pay for them.

That is where being frugal and choosing the right home repairs that you can do yourself will make the world of difference both to your pocket, and ensuring that should you ever want to sell your home in the future, you won’t be left with a huge bill.

When it comes to home repairs there are two industries you should turn to for advice. The first, contractors. They know how to fix any issues and they know how to do it fast. The second, realtors. They can tell you where you can gain the most value for your money, and where to avoid overspending on unnecessary repairs. We used the advice from Fast Florida House Sale, online realtors to help bring this information together.

Paint is your friend; and it’s cheap

If you wanted to go down the avenue of best value for money/return on investment, then you want to look to paint as your next best friend. The average american household repair in 2016 using paint for interior jobs only was $1600, but this was using a contractor and mid range quality of paint.

“You can still use mid range quality paint, but you can save nearly $500 on doing the work yourself,” says, James D’Antonio of Fast Florida House Sale. On average, you can earn 16% house value on freshly painted walls.

Top tips are to go for light colours, stay away from dark blues or greys and in the kitchen area, yellow is the top choice!

Fix the front lawn

OK, we’re not talking about landscaping here, we’re just talking about a bit of elbow grease and a tiny bit of help from friends and neighbours where you can.

The front of your home is the first thing that you or anyone else sees; this is especially important for anyone that is looking to sell their home as it is a glimpse of what kind of condition your home may be. This could either put someone off or attract someone to your property.

All you need is a good tidy up. A bit of deweeding, a cut lawn, replacement of any fence panels and a few hours of work. If you can plant any nice, brightly coloured plants or shrubs, great, if you can’t don’t worry. This whole operation could cost you less than $100 for materials and possibly $50 for some beers as a thank you to friends.

Don’t pay for a kitchen remodelling but do replace doors!

If you want to waste money on a property you don’t see a long term future in, then you should kitchen remodel. If you don’t however want to waste money, avoid this unnecessary cost. An average kitchen remodelling cost $20,000 in America in 2016. When you think that you will get a 7 to 8 percent return, this makes little to no sense unless you are going to live there in the long term.

Instead, consider spending a quarter of that money on replacing the doors on the cabinets (if the cabinets don’t need replacing) and the counter surfaces for great results and even greater savings to keep you financially secure.

When it comes down to being frugal around the home, think of different ways you could do the work yourself, teach yourself through video tutorials on YouTube, and sometimes, where necessary call in the help or a tradesperson, because a simple mistake, could be a costly one!

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