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office-583841_1920The current harsh economic times have awoken people to the need for making some savings always, however small or big. People are learning to save on meals, on gadgets they do not need, on trips they can postpone and on stuff they already have plenty. When planning for trips, people are making some savings out of their already shoestring budget. This is even more necessary when it comes to household bills. Utilities can siphon the last penny from your hard earned cash when not well managed. One key utility is internet. Everyone is on the internet, either working, browsing or gaming. Today’s interconnected humans need to ensure their broadband internet bills do not spiral out of control.

Here are a few tips to achieve that:

Know what Broadband is all about

Broadband is a method for high speed transmission of data (internet) via cables through DSL modems (Digital Subscriber Lines – on phone) and cable modems. The multiple channel capacity of broadband internet makes it attractive since many frequencies can transmit a lot of information concurrently within a time period. Current broadband data transmission rates are 25Mbps (downloads) and 3Mbps (uploads). High speed internet is important to keep people connected, conversations going and businesses profitable.

Know the Broadband Companies in your Locality

There are some broadband companies that are spread over most areas of the country whether urban or rural. However, some options offered by the companies may be limited to some towns or areas. The most prominent internet broadband service providers are BT Broadband, Talk Talk, Virgin Media, Sky Broadband and PlusNet. Different companies offer different packages in different localities and it is important for customers to compare the packages and choose what is most suitable for them.

Understand your Internet Uses

The bill a customer will pay at the end of the month is determined by what they used their internet for. Students use internet differently from stay at home mums. Businesses have internet needs that differ from online gamers. This is why broadband companies such as Broadband Choices have different packages targeting different users such as single occupancy houses as well as family households who will definitely have more gadgets connected to the internet.

Different packages will also have different security features depending on how sensitive the customer’s data is that is being relayed over the internet. There are, therefore, light, medium, and heavy internet users. Email and daily browsing falls into the light use category while internet TV and browsing can be categorised as medium use. Heavy users are those who not only browse daily and use email but also have internet TV, download music and movies as well as play online games.


Internet Use




Monthly Download Limit/Need




Email and daily browsing








Internet TV and browsing








Internet TV, browsing & music downloads








Internet TV, browsing, music & movies downloads, online gaming




40GB or unlimited



Understand the Key Broadband Issues of Concern to the Customer

The main issues to consider when it comes to broadband issues are speed, traffic management, usage limits, specific broadband contracts and customer support type. If your internet connection is relayed over fibre optics as is the case in most urban settings, you are assured of reliable internet speeds. Traffic management involves what can be allowed over your internet connection at any given time depending on what most users in the area are using the internet for. Traffic management should not be disadvantageous to the customer’s use and this should be clarified before accepting the package. Usage limits imply the monthly downloads that will suit the customer’s needs. Customer support is key to ensuring that the customer’s issues and complaints are handled effectively to avoid lengthy and costly internet interruptions.

Understand the Different Packages on Offer

As mentioned above, different companies have different packages to attract different types of customers.










Plus Net




Talk Talk




Virgin Media




BT Infinity




Now TV




Monthly Usage




























Maximum Download Speed




























Maximum Upload Speed
















Set-Up Cost




























Contract Length




18 months




18 months




18 months




12 months




12 months




12 months




Monthly Cost



























A customer should select a package that balances their usage, desired speed, cost and reliability.

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