Growing Together: Saving After the Honeymoon

by James Hendrickson
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Congratulations on your recent marriage! You’ve just gotten home from the honeymoon, now what? Marriage is a wonderful thing, and it’s important to start your lives together by going in the right direction. Saving money and following a budget doesn’t have to be stressful in the least, and you can both work together towards being healthier and happier. Let’s start out by looking at a few different ideas on how to integrate healthy living and your new lives together.

Stay Green

Start a garden together. You’ve just spent what seems like forever with this person, and for some, it’s time for some personal space, especially after a rambunctious honeymoon trip or staycation. Still, it’s vitally important to not forget to spend quality time together, especially after one or both of you return to work and daily responsibilities. Even if you’re space-conscious in an apartment or similar, you can still share the joy of planting and be nurturing your own independent foodstuffs, like tomatoes, strawberries, or herbs. Not only will this promote continued bonding between you, but it’s a great step towards budget-friendly independence from grocery bills and fast food restaurants.

If you’re already a gardener or landscaping artist and you’ve got some space, set aside a plot just for you and your partner. Even a small sacrifice will make a world of difference. Promoting a shared interest, or even cultivating a new hobby, can go worlds towards maintaining that newlywed bond. Working with smaller space? No problem! Planter shelves and racks, especially those that can be moved into sunlight, add a burst of fresh color to your home. Keeping this in a shared space will also promote shared ownership.

Enrich Your Experience

Nurture what you’ve grown together. There is a common mentality that regards physical product of actions as valuable, tangible evidence of how strong you are. If you’re growing a garden together, give those plants and you the best effort possible. Consider taking an extra step away from dependence on store-bought fertilizers and invest in a quality kitchen composter. Finding the best kitchen compost bin for you is super easy, and not only are you recycling the leftover bits from your garden, but store-bought waste can be reused as well! Banana peels, eggshells, steak or meat trimmings, all of this and more can be diverted from the landfill back into your garden to enrich and empower.

Dedicated Dinnertime

Eat together. This is a mistake a few newlyweds I know have made, and that’s letting work and other activities come in the way of personal bonding time. Take the time to dedicate to one another. Take some of those veggies and herbs you grew together in your garden and cook them up in tandem. Share the load of meal preparation, setting and cleaning up the dishes, in a way that no one person is doing more than the other. Not only will you be saving on the budget by eating at home, and using ingredients you grew for yourself, but you’ll be sharing the time together, even if the rest of the day is spent buried in sales reports, spreadsheets, or crafting materials.

A grill is an investment, but one that will shine when you’re able to share the experience. Barbecuing at home is yet another money-saver and a great way to bond. If you’re the grill artist of your partnership, this is a fantastic opportunity to get your significant other interested and involved. Even if your partner doesn’t latch into your interests like gardening or grilling, at least they can come to understand how much you love it.


Being able to share healthy endeavors and save money at the same time should be the goal of any newlywed couple looking to follow a budget. Tricks and tips and gimmicks only last so long, but a deep, cultivated bond between two partners in love will outlast any fad. You both deserve the best chance at success you can grow for yourselves, and this approach will help strengthen and support that connection. These approaches can be applied to any hobbies or interests as well, just remember to make that extra effort to get your loved one involved.


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