4 Ways to Optimize Your Garden Wedding Berkshire

When you think of a garden wedding, thoughts of manicured lawns vibrant flowers and picturesque trees will most definitely cross your mind. However, in reality, things can play out a little different, and you may end up with brown, sun-scorched leaves and drooping flower blooms that may turn the happiest day in your life into a disappointment.

Luckily, there is a lot you can do to ensure that your garden wedding go exactly as planned, or even a bit more awesome. Read along to find out some the ways you can optimize your garden wedding Berkshire.

  • Pick the date wisely

If you have already decided on the venue for your garden wedding Berkshire, find out the time/s of year when the flowers and plants look their best. After getting this information, you can easily figure out when to set the date for your wedding. To be sure, you can ask for photos of the place in different seasons and also get some advice from the gardeners at the place.

In case you have opted to do it at your own or a friend’s garden, then you have some replanting and gardening to do. If you have already set a date, seek professional advice on the types of flowers and plants to plant for the best results on the big day.

  • Add your own personal touch

Even after doing a thorough research, even the best gardener cannot guarantee that a particular garden will look its best, say on a Saturday, 6 months from now. Gardens totally depend on seasons, and sometimes, the seasons can be a bit different and hence delay or accelerate the natural development of a garden.

In order to make sure that things still look great on your garden wedding Berkshire, be sure to supplement the location’s natural beauty by adding your own touch to it. Order some of your favorite flowers from somewhere else and you could also include some shrubs or potted plants. Cut flowers look amazing in rustic containers.

  • Be keen when it comes to flower arrangements

If you are planning a garden wedding in the summer in Berkshire, flowers, including your headdresses, bouquets and table centers may wilt much quicker than anticipated. This can happen even if they are from an outside florist.

To mitigate this, you can place the flowers in simple water vases or make flower arrangements that form an oasis that will be easy to water from the previous day and onto the wedding day. Headpieces and bouquets should be kept out of the sun till the last possible moment. Place them in shades after taking them out, and at various times of the day, they can be dipped in water to maintain the freshness.

  • You might need some more light

If your garden wedding Berkshire will be held at night, make sure to visit the venue in order to check out its lighting conditions. You want to balance between enough light for everyone to see what is going on, but also avoid making it too bright, no one came to get dazzled. Some of the best ideas are small posts on the ground to give a soft glow, or hanging candle lanterns on the trees. To avoid insects in case you are going with the candle idea, look for citronella candles.

Garden weddings are great, but depending on your tastes and preferences, it is possible to make them even better. This will ensure that everyone, mostly you, the bride, have the best time when the big day arrives.


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