5 Tips for Handling Bridesmaids With a Tight Budget

by Susan Paige
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Being a bridesmaid may seem like an easy enough job. But, it can actually be quite stressful, and let’s not forget, pretty expensive.

And while a hundred dollars here and fifty dollars there may not seem like a lot in the beginning, gifts, showers, dresses, accommodation, and parties can quickly add up to a bill that’s well over a grand for each bridesmaid.

For some people, spending this money is no big deal. But, if you have bridesmaids who are less financially stable at the moment, you need to be mindful of their budget. Here’s how to do it.

1. Ask for Numbers

There’s no shame in flat out asking your bridesmaids how much they’re willing to spend on your wedding. In fact, many will appreciate the transparency.

Before you start the planning, ask each of them separately (emphasis on the separately) how much they’re comfortable with spending.

Doing this early on can help significantly when you and your maid of honor begin planning the festivities.

2. Give Them an Out

At the end of the day, it’s your wedding.

Therefore, if you have some expenses you’re simply not willing to compromise on, make sure you give your bridesmaids an out. But, do it kindly.

Just let them know you’d love for them to be a part of your big day, but if the finances are too stressful for them at the moment, they can easily step down. Moreover, you could see if they’d be up for another important, less expensive role, such as a personal attendant or a reader.

3. Figure Out Your Priorities

Every bride has components of the wedding that they care most about. For example, maybe you’re not too picky about dresses, but you want to make sure you have a killer bachelorette party.

If this is the case, set the budget low for dresses and let your girls know you’d like to splurge on the bachelorette party.

Or, if you’re the other way around, plan fun low-cost activities for your last single bash.

4. Pick Up the Tab Whenever Possible

Make sure that when you’re figuring out your overall wedding budget, you’re leaving some room for picking up part of the bridesmaids expenses.

This could mean gifting them their very own glam squad ( i.e., hair, makeup, and bridesmaids robes) or picking up the tab for the dresses. Just try to cover the costs whenever you can so you’re not putting a huge financial burden on them. Remember, the less stressed they are, the less stressed you’ll be as well!

5. Set a Maximum Spending Budget

If there’s just one or two bridesmaids on a tight budget, you don’t want them to feel singled out.

Therefore, get together with your maid of honor and decide on a set budget for the whole group. This way, no one will feel bad about their tight finances.

And, make sure you’re keeping track of spending as you go along so that you’re actually sticking to the budget. Because, as you know, wedding costs can easily get out of hand.


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