Amazing Tips For Your Wedding

by Susan Paige
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Having a wedding ceremony is one of the highlights of anyone’s life. After all, it marks the commitment between you and your loved one to cherish each other.  For this reason, people tend to splurge more than necessary to make the event as perfect and memorable as possible.

However, you can have your dream wedding without draining your bank account. Follow these tried and tested tips to skip unnecessary expenses without compromising on the quality.

Off-Season Wedding

You’ll save a lot of money if you schedule your wedding during off-peak season. Since venues do not have a lot of events to host, they will be willing to offer a big discount to convince you to hold your wedding at their place.

Also, venues will likely give you discounts if you schedule your event on lean days. With this in mind, the common advice you’ll hear from couples who have been there is never to schedule your wedding on a Saturday. Some folks say that they were able to cut the venue cost by almost a half just because they married on a Tuesday.

Wedding And Reception At the Same Venue

Another way to save big bucks on your wedding is to hold the ceremony and the reception at the same place. This type of arrangement will allow you plenty of opportunities to save on your wedding cost.

For instance, having the ceremony as well as the reception at the same venue would mean you will only rent one place. Also, you’ll save a lot on decorations since you only need to decorate one location. You will also save on transportation expenses since you don’t have to shuttle guests and the bride between locations. In fact, you can even ditch that expensive bridal car.

Don’t Be Too Fancy With Your Bridal Car

Everyone loves a dramatic entrance. But is that ultra-expensive limo service justifiable considering its very brief appearance? Practical people say you should ditch the fancy ride and look for alternatives instead.

You can always ask your friends and family who have nice cars to borrow it for the occasion. One couple even decided to be uniquely creative and brought the bride to church in their own tractor. They say it’s one dramatic and memorable entrance that will be forever etched into their guests’ minds.

Don’t Invite The Entire Town

The size of your guest list will always be one of the biggest factors that will determine how much your wedding is going to cost. You should take a long and honest look at your working list and ask yourself, do you really need all these people to be there on your wedding day or are you just trying to impress most of them?

Some people, celebrities included, actually prefer to have their wedding small. Aside from saving on the reception cost, it will make the ceremony more meaningful and intimate as it is witnessed only by your closest of friends and family. Also, going small would eliminate the need for getting that ridiculously enormous and expensive wedding cake. After all, who eats cake these days when almost everyone is on a diet?

Find out more saving tips if you want to enjoy most out of your budget.



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