Air Filters and the Five Reasons Your New Home Needs Them

by Susan Paige
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Your first home as a newlywed couple is important, just waiting to be filled with entirely new memories and experiences. What you don’t want is those memories to be tinted by remembering musty, stale air. The air quality in a home plays a big part in how your memories of married life play out. You want to keep a home smelling fresh and clean without any nasty air particles coming inside.

A New Family Feels Better When Breathing in Clean Air

When starting off married life the last thing you are going to want to worry about is the air you breathe. You want to be able to take deep breaths without thinking about any dust or dirt floating around you. The air coming into a home can bring plenty of microscopic problems that go by unseen and unnoticed until they cause a problem. Newlyweds have plenty enough to do without also wondering what it is that is in the air.

Pollutants and Allergens in the House are Bad for the Health

Air particles of all types eventually find their way into your air system. You can find all sorts of mites, dust mold, pollen, dander and smoke flowing through your air system without filtration. Any children or guests with allergies or asthma breathe easier in a home free from possible triggers. Air filters expressly block little airborne issues and keep air quality high in a home. When all the pollutants and allergens are kept out of a house all that is left is a fresh, clean smelling home.

Dirty Filters Do Little to Keep a Home Smelling Fresh

Air systems, like plenty other things in a new home, eventually become dirty and require cleaning or replacement. An air filter is able to prevent any of the airborne issues from entering a home but eventually they become dirty too. A home with old or dirty air filters has a higher chance air quality issues. You can replace the filters and benefit from raised air quality along with a lighter monthly energy bill.

Green Filters Keep Your Air Clean and Energy Bill Light

When your air filters are clean the system has to use less energy to push the air flow through them. The less energy a home uses the lower the monthly bill is at the end of the month, along with a lighter environmental imprint. Air system maintenance plays a large part in keeping a home feeling fresh and helps you save on new marriages budget. When you properly maintain an air conditioner system you can see your savings grow, especially with the right providers.

Clean Filters Can Be On Any Growing Families Budget

When you buy from a top provider like Filter King the savings fit well on any newlywed’s budget. The company not only provides air filters at low prices, they can also periodically replace them. The filters are measured to fit any home and you can buy as many as you need, for as long as you need. The first home you have as a newlywed couple is special, so make sure that you can breathe easy while enjoying it.


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