Did You Know You Had Bed Bugs-Now What?

by Susan Paige
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Just the words “Bed Bugs” can make the average person’s skin crawl. These tiny, barely-visible-to-the-eye insects are a growing problem for residential homes and commercial establishments like hotels and nursing homes. Once they take up residence, they can be difficult to remove. The reason for this is that they can live for up to 5 months without consuming blood. On the upside, you can get rid of them and enjoy living pest free.

Identifying Bed Bugs

Often times, when someone wakes up at night and sees they have a bite they fear the worst and immediately jump to the conclusion that they have bed bugs. In reality, a red mark on the skin overnight is often due to a flea, tick, or a spider bite. If you don’t have pets and you see tiny dark specks on the mattress or a discoloring on the sheets you may have these pests. Bed Bugs are mostly dark brown in color and an oval shape. Once they reach adulthood, they can become as big as a typical apple seed. The best way to get a confirmation is to call in a professional pest control service such as Moxie Pest Control. They can make a determination quickly and then advise you on what you can do to remove them completely.

How Do You Get Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs prefer human blood to the blood of animals. They can get into your home in many ways. They can travel in on an older piece of furniture you bought at a yard sale, on a mattress previously in storage left unwrapped and even while visiting a relative in a hotel or a nursing home. They can climb aboard your purse or backpack and off they go back to your home.

Finding Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs hide during the day. They like a room that’s dark and, for this reason, come out at night usually after you tuck yourself into bed and are ready to go to sleep. This is where the old saying “Don’t let the Bed Bugs Bite” comes from. During the day, they can hide in your furniture, clothes, stuffed toys and clutter within the space.

Eliminating Bed Bugs

Usually, once you find them, you already have an outbreak. And, because they are small and can have several colors like white, gray or orange they can seek shelter in many locations. Cleaning the sheets and bedding several times a week, washing stuffed toys, wiping down mattresses and any furniture with upholstery in your home and vacuuming often will help to keep the population down. If you live in an older home and there are cracks in the walls, ceiling, and floor, seal them up and clean out floor and wall vents completely.

Taking Steps to Prevent Bed Bugs

There are several precautionary measures you can take to prevent bed bugs. One way is to purchase a mattress cover, a good one, and place it on your new mattress when it first arrives. Another way is to fully inspect any piece of furniture you see at a garage sale such as a chair or a couch prior to putting it on your truck and carting it home.

Bed Bugs are scary-looking wingless pests that live off blood, preferably human. If you suspect that you have a problem clean the room thoroughly. In most cases, calling in a professional pest control service will offer the best and fastest results.


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