8 Financial Mistakes Injury Lawyers Make

by Susan Paige
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Being physically hurt because of another person’s negligence can be very stressful. For one, you’ll have to think about the necessary medical treatments needed for your injuries, the costs required and the time you’ll have to spend for your doctor’s appointments and rehabilitation. And because your physical abilities will be hindered, you’ll also have to make changes to your daily routines, tasks, and responsibilities. This can adversely affect your productivity levels especially if you’re working. If you want to alleviate this kind of situation, opt to hire an injury lawyer. Their legal services can go a long way in making and defending your case in court, especially if you were just a victim.

Working with an injury lawyer can be very beneficial. Since they have been in the industry for years, they already know the ins and outs of a personal injury case. This can increase your chances of winning the case and receiving compensation for your injuries. However, keep in mind that hiring an injury lawyer isn’t cheap. Most often than not, their services can be very expensive. For you to make the most out of what you’re paying, opt to work with an injury lawyer who doesn’t commit the following financial mistakes:

  1.    High operating costs: Law firms who provide legal services to clients will usually have operating costs. This money is allocated so the firm can stay afloat regardless of the stiffness of the competition in the market. They can use this to improve the operations of the firm, train their lawyers, provide additional services or acquire different marketing channels. And while having this kind of cost is acceptable, overcharging clients just to compensate for this cost isn’t acceptable. If you’re hiring an injury lawyer for the first time, you might easily fall victim to this scheme without you even knowing it. The solution? Scout for different law firms and compare their prices and services first. This can help you choose the right law firm without breaking the bank.
  2.    Putting too much money in risky investments: Studying for law and taking the bar exams are both very expensive. Personal injury lawyers might have sacrificed a lot of things or acquired several debts during these times. And now that they’re finally practicing their profession as injury lawyers, they can easily be tempted to make risky investments. They will use large amounts of money for these investments thinking that these will actually help them earn more. Stray clear from these kinds of injury lawyers as this can imply that they’re impulsive and doesn’t know how to make sound decisions.
  3.    Not using data to backup choices: Data is crucial to winning a case in court. Since your statement as a client will clash the statement made by the other party, data can easily determine which side is telling the truth. An injury lawyer who doesn’t use data to support his financial decisions is a lawyer who will probably do the same with your case. Instead of winning, you’ll end up losing your case if you end up working with a lawyer like this. Always pay attention to how an injury lawyer makes his financial decisions. If he or she only makes decisions once data are presented, it can be an implication of his expertise and professionalism.
  4.    Making tax mistakes: An injury lawyer who doesn’t know how to keep up with his taxes is a red flag. Not only does this irresponsibility an insult in their profession but this can also imply how unorganized an injury lawyer is when it comes to handling his finances. Working with a person who doesn’t practice organization is the last thing you’d want to happen in your personal injury case – how else will you collect several data and present all of these in court when your lawyer doesn’t even know how to organize?
  5.    Carrying too much debt: Acquiring debt isn’t all that bad. In fact, debt can help improve your credit score, especially if you’re paying on time. However, when an injury lawyer has too many debts, it might not be a good idea to hire him. An individual who is stressed because of having too many debts can adversely affect your case. Instead of helping out, this lawyer can even cause more harm to your case. In worse situations, a law firm can even go out of business because of too much debt. When this happens, all of the money you paid for their services can become useless.
  6.    Not knowing how to get rich: There are a lot of reasons why injury lawyers decide to work in the legal industry. But just like any other career, they’d do it because they want to be financially independent and yes, to get rich. Once an injury lawyer has this goal, it can imply that they’re actually motivated in their profession, and they will strive to satisfy your demands – after all, clients who pay for their legal services is their source of income. So when they’re able to make a lot of clients happy, they can also make more money.
  7.    Not having a financial plan: Regardless of what you do, a plan should always be on top of your to-do list. This will guide you on what you should and shouldn’t do in order to achieve your goals. The injury lawyer you work with should also do the same not only to your case but to his financial health as well. An injury lawyer who always has a plan is someone who knows what his goals are and how he can achieve these.
  8.    Buying a house or apartment: Although having a house or apartment is a necessity, it shouldn’t be the priority of an injury lawyer especially if he’s still new in the industry. Making this huge financial leap can lead to debts and unmanaged finances. Hiring an injury lawyer who doesn’t know what to prioritize with his expenses can be very risky. This kind of lawyer might overcharge you for his legal services or take your money without even providing high-quality services.

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