Things To Do in the Early Stage of Married Life

by Susan Paige
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After exchanging vows and making promises at the altar on the beach in Hawaii, you as newly married couple, are now sitting on the couch thinking what now? Is it time to think about having children?

Before you go jump over another stage of life called parenting. Try to savor the moment of being a married couple. Marriage is more than just two people making offspring and watching them grow. Marriage is about two souls bonding together as one. There are a lot of undertakings that can be excitingly done by two individuals. Here are some activities that newly married couples should enjoy.

Date Nights
You guys have all the time in your life. Cherish these moments by having a lot of date nights. Explore different restaurants in your area, set up a picnic or schedule a spa night. Trying different food and cuisines are fun as well as spending brunch in a nearby café. You are not restricted by the label of just dating and eating out on a schedule. You are living in the same house with a sync schedule. It is now easier as a couple to set a date.

Travelling as a single person brings forth self-discovery and enrichment. A couple travelling, on the other hand, is a great opportunity to better understand each other. It gives the opportunity to be exposed to different factors of the environment. You are likely to see the other version of your better half. Travelling will help you appreciate and recognize your spouse outside of your comfort zone.

Not bound to any duties other than to each other, you have the liberty to procrastinate and just Netflix and chill. Watching TV or movies at home with your wifey or hubby is one of the most cozy feelings you can have. A great way to feel loved.

Get those abs and flaunt those thighs. One accomplishment a married couple can achieve is reaching their body goals. There is no better way to motivate oneself than sharing it with your better half. Exercise together and help each other reach your gym goals.

Play with your nephew and nieces
Playing with nephews and nieces is a great way to practice your parenting skills. It is also an opportunity to spend your precious time focused on them, until you have your very own. Bring them to museums and amusement parks to create a wonderful childhood memories for them. In the future, they are likely to do the same with your child.

With no budget allocated to milk, diapers and other baby essentials just yet, you can splurge to your heart’s content with the things you find fancy and soul enriching. This is the perfect time to buy that big flat screen TV you always wanted. Sign-up to a yoga class or stock up on that favorite scented candle you like. Buy branded dresses or suits while your priority is still you and your spouse’s alone.

Redecorate your home
Take this time to redecorate your house to your liking without putting into consideration anyone’s opinion except your partner. At least, for a time your house feels like it’s all yours and every aspect of it is in sync to your taste.

Practice Cooking
Expand your taste buds and look for your forte. As a newly wed, practicing your cooking is a great way to determine what kind of food you are actually good at cooking. Not only does cooking provide a great way to bond but this could actually start a family tradition. Someday you will hear your child say something like “I want your special carbonara for Thanksgiving, mom.” It’s a heartwarming phrase.


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