3 Ideas To Travel With Your Spouse & Make Money At The Same Time

by Susan Paige
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It is estimated that well over 12 million Britons travel abroad each and every year (1).

Many of these excursions are associated with family affairs and there is no doubt that such instances are on the rise. While the appeal of a holiday is undeniable, one sticking point will often involve a lack of finances.

Many would-be holidaymakers are forced to remain at home due to the fact that they believe making money while abroad is a myth.

Not only is this quite far from the truth, but there are a number of lucrative methods which can provide much-needed liquidity without being associated with full-time positions.

Let us take a look at three interesting recommendations.

Online Currency Trading

Have you ever heard of the Forex markets? If you’re looking for an income stream which is more hands off, currency trading is a great option.

Trillions of pounds change hands every day and a sizeable portion of this figure is the result of individual trades.

One of the most beneficial aspects of the Forex sector is that it tends to be dominated by short-term positions. In other words, even a few small executions each day could provide you with a lucrative side hustle.

When we take into account mobile-friendly investing platforms and real-time trade executions, you might even be able to turn a profit while soaking up the sun on a Mediterranean beach with your significant other.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

There is no doubt that the demand for skilled English speakers is on the rise.

Why not put your innate talents to use?

Many individuals are willing to pay to learn English through the use of private lessons.

Even if you are on holiday for two or three weeks, the chances are high that you will be able to drum up a certain amount of interest. However, it is a good idea to advertise your services first (such as on relevant social media pages or even travel blogs). This will help to maximise your chances of acquiring a handful of students.

Become a Content Marketing Writer

Were you aware that a growing number of individuals are choosing to write online content for other firms?

Not only are they performing such tasks due to a knack for the written word, but a healthy income could also become a reality.

The price ranges will naturally vary from firm to firm and yet, some of the more talented experts may earn as much as £20 or £30 pounds per article (2). Of course, this will require patience and a fair amount of talent. It is still a worthwhile venture to consider if you possess a marketing background or you enjoy product promotions. All that is required is a secure Internet connection and motivation.

Earning money with your spouse while travelling is therefore much more of a reality than many have been led to believe.

Above all, always make it a point to think outside of the box and to search for new opportunities. Such funds can go a long way towards providing you with a memorable holiday.


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