Unnecessary Wedding Expenses You Should Skip To Save Money

by Susan Paige
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Weddings can be extremely expensive, there is just no way around this. Aside from the actual ceremony, there are also the concerns with regards to the paperwork, logistics, and other fees. As such, it always pays to know how you can reduce the expenses incurred during your nuptials and you can do so by skipping out on unnecessary costs. After all, it’s the health of the relationship that matters above all else.

Of course, it’s understandable that you would want to go all-out during your wedding day because it’s meant to be one of the most special occasions in a person’s life. However, no matter how great of a celebration it may be, it’s always advised to set some limits. Not every unreasonable expense is justifiable by the simple reasoning of it being your special day. At least considering skipping the following.

Unnecessary Covers

A wedding will have a lot of covers involved and that’s generally fine. However, not everything needs to have expensive covers that will only add unnecessary costs to your bill. A good example are seat covers that are used to essentially hide the chairs that guests are going to be sitting on. They don’t really need those since they would be the least important aspects of the event.

Chairs really only need to be neat, clean, and presentable all on their own. Then again, if the chairs themselves are no good as they are, you really should be asking why you are booking that venue to begin with. On that note, table covers are still justifiable expenses simply because they add a flair of elegance to the event that cannot be dispensed with. Plain tables are just a huge downer.

Open Bar

Does a wedding need alcoholic beverages? Yes, it does. Does it need an open bar where guests can literally drown themselves in booze during the reception? No, not really. The fact of the matter is that an open bar can only really be justified if you have the extra funds to afford in in a manner that would not put too much of a strain on the budget going forward.

You have to remember that you are going to have a life after the wedding and it would not do to find out you spent way more than you should have with a feature that never needed to be there. If you have to have alcohol, try to limit it to a per-person basis. This is where you need to make sure that the guest list that you have is maintained properly and the count is accurate.

Wallet-Burning Outfits

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best during your special day, but there should be a limit to the expenses that you incur with regards to the clothes that you are going to wear. You can look amazing without setting fire to your bank account, especially if you pay attention to the details of your outfit. You have to remember that these wedding gown or suit businesses are trying to get as much money from you.

Basically, you should try not to spend thousands on your shoes and even more of that on your other ensemble. There really is a way for you to look splendid on your wedding while keeping the costs down to a minimum. The guests won’t know the difference anyway and there are outfits that cost a fraction of what others do even though they almost look identical. Why wouldn’t you want to go for the cheaper option?

Inessential Paperwork

Did you know that wedding receptions usually have set meals that will be served in a particular order right from the get-go? Well, this is how it is in most weddings since there are also cases where guests can actually choose from a list of items via the menu that they are provided. However, this is simply not necessary and is a waste of money on your part if you ever do decide to go with it.

In the case where guests can order food from a menu, this is just plain going overboard with the reception and adds unnecessary work for the people in the kitchen. What’s wrong with simply providing a set meal that would be prepared faster and with fewer hassle? What’s more, there are fewer chances of getting the food wrong and the items will be delivered to the table at a faster rate.

Then there’s the case of receptions where the meals are set but the guests are still given menus and programs. There is no need to do this. This is absolutely pointless and would only cost you money for absolutely nothing in return. The guests are in the reception to enjoy the event, not to read whatever piece of paper you may give them, so don’t even bother with that. The goal is saving your budget.

Champagne For Everyone

Finally, not everyone needs champagne in a wedding. For the most part, only the bride and groom should really be consuming champagne, and the direct sponsors if we are really pushing it. For everyone else, wine will suffice and just the good type of table wine, at that. You have to remember that pretty much all kinds of wine taste roughly the same and unless all of your guests are wine connoisseurs, there’s no need to overstretch your budget.

For the most part, it’s a fair bet that most guests would be fine with sparkling water, mostly because not everyone in a wedding would be fine with getting drunk. With this being the case, you can cast your net wider for the kinds of beverage that you are going to offer during your wedding. When push comes to shove, there is always the option to provide guests who want alcohol with beer. The point is simply that not everyone needs to drink champagne and if we’re really going to be honest about this point, not everyone wants to drink champagne, to begin with.

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