How to create your DREAM wedding while paying off your student loans

by Susan Paige
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Congrats on the engagement! Now, let the craziness of wedding planning begin. Spending countless hours planning for a wedding can be stressful – we know! Especially when you have to divide your paycheck between wedding costs, rent, and your student loan payments. However, it’s totally doable! Here are 5 very “I do-able” tips to help you plan your dream wedding while staying on a budget.

1.) Create a wedding-friendly budget

First budgeting, then planning! How are you supposed to figure out how much you can spend on the wedding fluff before you have the numbers out in front of you? Step 1: set aside money for necessities such as rent, savings, bills, and student loan payments. Next, you can start planning all the fun stuff! What kind of dress should you wear? Local or destination wedding? Garden or beach inspired? These are all important, yet the most fun details of the wedding planning.

2.) Keep the guest list small & intimate

The guest list can be one of the trickier parts when it comes to wedding planning. Who makes the cut? This wedding is for you, which means the focus should be on inviting friends and family members you really want to share this special occasion with. You could even consider eliminating the option for guests to bring a +1 to trim the budget one notch more.

3.) Consolidate your student loans

Perhaps a big chunk of your current paycheck goes to paying off your monthly student loan payments? If that’s the case, you could consolidate your loans for a potentially lower monthly payment if you qualify for an income-driven plan. If you’d like to learn more about the different repayment plans that could be available to you, Docupop may be able to help! Your next payment could even be as low as $0 if you qualify. Which means you could spend a lot more money on the actual wedding instead.

4.) Add a personable touch

Of course, you want to add your personal touch to your dream wedding! Luckily, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Think DIY! Here’s what you can do:

  • Have your ceremony at a home or at a free outdoor location. Imagine having a $0 venue!
  • Cook your own food. Ask friends and family members to help prepare with the cooking. Let’s face it, everyone loves mama’s famous family style dish!
  • We all have that one friend who just takes all the perfect ‘in the moment’ photos. Why not ask her/him to snap wedding shots on your big day?
  • Be your own DJ. Create a music playlist that will last all night and even get grandma dancing off her chair. Play from your own speakers without spending a dime.
  • Pick your own flower bouquets. Fun, cute, and creative!

5.) Honeymoon Registry

Dreaming of that perfect honeymoon vacation? You’re not alone! However, after all the wedding costs, there’s simply no budget left for a dreamy honeymoon trip to a paradise island in the Caribbean. At least – so you thought! But wait a minute! What if the guests can help chip in with some cash? Instead of having them buy you wedding gifts, that you – to be honest, couldn’t care less about anyway; ask them to contribute to your honeymoon fund. There are many online registry options where guests can pay with credit cards and the cash goes straight to your honeymoon fund. Whola! Suddenly, you and your partner are one step closer to a romantic getaway to enjoy the first days as newlyweds.

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