Low on Cash After the Bash? How to Recycle Your Wedding Items and Make Money

by Susan Paige
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Weddings are beautiful and joyous occasions, but the sad reality is that they’re not cheap.

Most people know they’re not cheap to begin with (excluding shotgun weddings, of course), but they continue to soar in price and show no signs of slowing down.

The other reality is that it’s a special occasion that you will want to cherish for years to come, which means skimping on the budget is difficult. So with all the wedding entertainment, wedding dresses, wedding venues, etc., you need to find some ways to make that money back.

We’re going to look at some key ways you can recycle your wedding items to offset the cost of a happily ever after.

How to Recycle Your Wedding Items

Some people get lucky and get away with an inexpensive wedding (or they’re just smart about it). But many others have to deal with ridiculous costs with the national average creeping up over $30,000!

It’s time to take a look at everything from your wedding and start making some money back.

Sell the Dresses and Suits

Some people rent dresses and suits, but some people who want to go all out decide to purchase them. It might even be a good decision because wedding dresses can be passed down to children as keepsakes.

Then again, maybe you’re having second thoughts about that purchase. The good news is there are lots of other couples who are in the same position you were before the wedding.

They need dresses and suits, too, and they might be trying to make the most of their budget. Look to places like Facebook’s Marketplace and eBay to sell used clothing.

Remember to take lots of well-lit photos; show any tears, stains, defects, etc.; and take shipping into account when pricing. There are other websites designed exclusively for selling used clothing, too. Grailed is a good example.

Return Some Wedding Gifts

All in all, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Well…it depends. For example, your parents may have bought you a new car or even a new toaster oven that you actually need, but do you REALLY need that avocado scooper from Aunt Linda?

Hopefully, your wedding guests included gift receipts. If not, there are a lot of stores that will accept returns for in-store credit, which is something.

Get Crafty

Think of all the various things that adorn a typical wedding:

  • Flowers
  • Beads
  • Special clothing
  • Centerpieces
  • etc.

Consider getting the creative juices flowing and create something new. You could make your own centerpieces for other people’s weddings or just general home decorations.

Sell them on Etsy, eBay, etc. for a little extra cash.

Offset the Cost of an Expensive Wedding

Weddings aren’t cheap and we’re always looking for ways to reduce the cost. It may feel wrong to lower your budget when you have a perfect fairytale wedding planned in your head already.

If you’ve already gotten married and are left with empty holes in your pockets, hopefully, you gleaned some quick tips here. When you recycle your wedding items, you are able to offset the overall cost and you might even help other new couples out, too!

If you’re a new couple in need of some financial help, check out these 10 steps to financial security at the beginning of your marriage!

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