Save Time and Money: 4 Tips for Streamlining Project Management

by Susan Paige
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Completing a professional project requires a great deal of planning. From organizing project timelines to understanding the importance of proper team building, project management encompasses a lot of different topics. Because all projects have their own challenges and potential roadblocks, one key factor in achieving success is effective overall management. Whether you have the genesis of a project idea or are ready to begin, there are a few tips you can keep in mind that can help you streamline your management tasks.

1. Create a Visibility Document

As you launch your project, create an open, visible document on a web drive and make it accessible to all team members. Break the document up into different sections such as who is on the team, their contact info, short and long-term goals for the project, and their projected completion dates. Allow each team member the ability to edit their portion of the document so others can see and be updated on the project’s progress. This can keep everyone on the same page and make project meetings more productive.

2. Learn From Past Mistakes

Before you begin a new project, think about previous ones, what might have gone wrong, and what you can learn from that experience to avoid making the same errors. Perhaps your project requirements were not as clear as they could have been or you underestimated the time a certain process required before another could begin. Be honest with yourself about the errors you made and discuss them with your team members as you form your new project, as they may have some innovative ideas about how to solve or avoid these problems.

3. Choose a Communications Leader

Proper communication with team members and clients connected with any project can be vital for its success. However, when too many people are trying to send information, this can become confusing and lines might get crossed. To avoid this and help streamline communications, chose a team member who will be responsible for relaying messages and keeping in contact with the client. This can increase client confidence and prevent garbled communications.

Once you choose a communications manager, ensure he or she has access to all the names and contact information you added to your cloud drive document. Have this person reach out to your client as soon as possible to establish a clear line of communication.

4. Use Management Software

Project management software can help you organize each portion of a variety of projects, no matter which phase they are in currently. Hiring a software engineer that specializes in creating these programs can give you the opportunity to track all of your company’s projects across a variety of sectors. This type of software can also assist you by sending reminders about the upcoming project due dates and which milestones need to be satisfied.

As your software engineer creates your streamlining program, ask him or her if it is possible to include an algorithm that allows your team members to sync their digital calendars to it so they can be automatically updated about the projects they are connected with. This can be especially helpful for large teams that have members in different departments.

Effective project management can be a critical factor in the success of any venture. Taking steps to streamline communication, team building and other details might mean the difference between meeting your deadlines and losing clients due to inefficiency and disorganization.

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