Tips On How To Minimize The Cost Of Your Divorce

by Susan Paige
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It is definitely no secret or surprising that deciding to get a divorce is often associated with expenses that many people are unable to afford. In most cases, the costs involved in divorces include far more than attorney fees. It might also include court costs, expert fees and other similar aspects. Experts are often used to help parties or/and a Court to evaluate assets, determining the earning potential of each party and to determine custody or/and parenting time problems.

When you become involved in your divorce that it litigious, you might feel like the fees are spiraling out-of-control. Here are 9 useful tips you can use that might help you to lower costs involved in your own divorce:

  1. When either your lawyer or the lawyer your spouse is using asks for information, or documents from you, provide it readily to your lawyer. If you waste time providing documents or information, your lawyer will spend more time on your case, which will translate into additional fees that involve requesting that you provide the needed information.


  1. The 1st tip is also applicable when it comes to experts. The experts, especially the type that specialize in evaluating businesses or the type that decide on the overall value of each parties interest in the business when it comes to purposes of equitable distribution and the party’s/owners income when it comes to support purposes (for example forensic accountants), will require document amounts that are substantial. In addition, these experts will often ask for additional documents. You need to be ready and prepared to provide your lawyer or/and the expert with any document that the expert has requested. When you resist or delay producing such documentation, the expert along with your lawyer will charge a fee associated with chasing you for the paperwork.


  1. As soon as your lawyer sends you a discovery that needs answers from the lawyer of your spouse, which can include written questions, for example, interrogatory or when they ask for documents such as Notice to Produce, quickly offer responsive and complete answers. This minimizes the time your lawyer will spend having to look through your files for an answer or having to call you to produce the answers over the phone. This will reduce the time your lawyer has to spend to obtain the answers which translates into lowered fees.


  1. If your spouse or you have filed an application with a court, which can include support applications, with your lawyer review and go over this application along with offering your lawyer with any comments you may have in writing. Making any information available readily to your lawyer automatically reduces the amount of hours the lawyer will spend in regards to drafting a response to the other lawyer or your application.


  1. Unless it is really important and can add value to your divorce case, avoid phoning your attorney each time you want to ask a question. Rather write all your questions down. Once you have several questions you need answering, only then make the call to go over them. This is also one of the easiest ways to lower your fees as it will only result in a single telephonic conversation instead of several conversations.


  1. In many instances, legal fees start to escalate when one of the parties is not prepared or ready to finalize the divorce and this is linked with a several different reasons. One of the classic examples involves when either the husband or the wife is finding it difficult or won’t accept that the other party wants to get divorced. In this scenario, it could take months once the filing of a Divorce Compliant for the individual to start concentrating or focusing on resolutions of these issues. When you are the party that is holding up the divorce, it is highly advisable to go for counseling which will provide you with a way to resolve your issues in order to prevent unnecessary and costly legal fees.


  1. Take the recommendations and advice of divorce lawyer very seriously. Matrimonial lawyers have experience in dealing with a variety of different divorce cases. If you fail to take the recommendation or advice of your attorney seriously, it can often translate into legal fees that are unnecessary. Experienced divorce attorneys also have the experience and information that you need to ensure your divorce goes through as smoothly and quickly as possible. When you fail to take their advice you may delay the case which means the divorce will take longer to go through and cost you a lot of money that you could have saved.


  1. When you give documentation to your lawyer which will then be sent to 3rd parties which usually includes experts or your spouse’s lawyer, make sure you give your lawyer a copy of each document. This will avoid the costs involved of your lawyer having to make the copies before sending them to the necessary lawyers or experts.


  1. Keep in mind that a divorce that is less litigious will cost a lot less. If and when possible if your ex-spouse and you can be as amicable as possible during processes that play out in your divorce, your costs will become a lot less compared to when you are both fighting over each and every issue. As the process becomes longer because one or both of you have decided it is necessary to fight every detail pertaining to the divorce, the more you will pay your lawyer.

A divorce is not something that is ever easy and many emotions are often involved. For this reason, many experts often advise that when two people have decided that they can no longer live together they should both agree on the divorce before hiring divorce lawyers. When both parties have agreed on the divorce the process can go a lot faster and will ultimately cost each party a lot less when it comes to the legal fees associated with a divorce. It is also advisable to get as much information as you can before hiring a lawyer to gain an understanding on what to expect and the fees involved.

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