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by Susan Paige
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1.Post fantastic recipes only

When you start a recipe or cooking blog the idea is to start off with fantastic recipes like making Italian meringue. In this way people find your blog and right away are interested because you offer recipes that they cannot find elsewhere.  You want to stand out from the rest right away and have people take notice and tell their friends about your blog.

2.Be authentic

Start by posting something new or unusual on your blog. Include recipes that are original and not the same as everyone else has online. Add some outstanding photos so that others will pass the word on and say, “Go to that blog, it has something no one else does”. So always keep on the lookout for something authentic you can write about and make a list of recipes that you know or have been passed on in your family. It will make all the difference.

3.Don’t give up

When it comes to blogging everyone sometimes tries and fails. So if something doesn’t work change it and try something else. Make a note of what works well and what doesn’t. The only thing you must not ever do is to give up.

4.Post original content

The content you post on your blog site must be original and not copied from anywhere else. If you want to write about a recipe or cuisine and find information online make that information your own with your own unique writing style. You do not want to take anything that does not belong to you so make sure your content is always original and unique and not found anywhere else on the Internet. Develop your own kind of flair for writing.

5.Show your personality!

Show everyone that you have your own kind of flair and style. Let them see your personality through your blog. Start connecting with people who like what you like. So if you love avocado on toast respond with enthusiasm to those who also do. In this way people will learn that you are open, honest, and friendly and will be glad to always read your blog.

6.Make friends and help each other

As more people start reading your blog and you get more follower start making friends. You will be sharing your love of food with others so find out what kind of blogs they have. Then start following their blogs and leave your thoughtful comments for them and they in turn will do the same for you. With time you can chat with them on the social media sites and promote their content as they promote yours. It is a winning situation all around.

  1. Make yourself accessible

Make your presence known on the social media and let people see that you can be found on the Internet and be responsive to them when they respond to you. Make  a name for yourself and when people see your name they will already know who you are.

8.Keep your site design clean and easy to navigate

Make sure your blog has a design that is pleasing to the eyes and your site is easy to navigate. People want to see that a blog is easy to read and that what they are looking for can be found. So make sure you have no clutter on your blog and when someone wants to find a recipe you have posted previously they can find it with no problems.

9.Make it easy for visitors to follow your blog

Make it easy for visitors when they find your blog to be able to click on follow. If they cannot find a way to follow you they will lose interest in your blog. So make sure it is clear how to follow your blog or subscribe by email.

10.Make it easy to comment on your blog

Make it easy for your followers to comment on your blog. When you get comments always respond to them. In this way you’ll draw more attention to your blog and your audience will grow.

11.Make it easy to share your content

Making it easy for your followers to share your content means that they can easily find the social media buttons that they want to share your content to. Also make sure that they can easily reblog your posts if they like on their blogs and you can do the same for them.

12.Cite your sources

If you pick up ideas from other recipe sites and find photos you can use then always include the link to those sites on your blog. In this way you let others know what inspired you and let them take a look at the sources too.

  1. Don’t sell out

Placing ads on your blog is a good way to monetize your blog just be sure that the ads are a good fit for your blog. So if you are doing a recipe blog you can include ads for certain products or spices that have to do with some of the recipes you post.

14.Post on a regular basis

Find a schedule that works well for you. You don’t have to post every day but make sure you post at least two or three times a week. Always make sure you have something new to add and discuss to keep your content fresh and alive. In this way

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