Child-free life

by Susan Paige
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  • If I enjoy swiss meringue buttercream I can make it and feel a sense of joy about not having to share it with children. Besides the children might not even enjoy it and it would take a lot more work to have to create something I love as well as something the children will enjoy. I can eat the things I love without worrying about if they are child-friendly cuisine.
  • If I want to I can sleep in if I don’t have to go to work without worrying about what the children are doing. I can turn my alarm off and have some extra snoozes without having to fix children breakfast and make sure they get to work on time.
  • I can live my life the way I want to and only worry about myself and my partner. Children would only ask why or perhaps I would have to worry about setting a bad example.
  • If my husband and I want to we can take advantage of offers on adult-only resorts. Then we can really enjoy our vacation and not have to be surrounded by screaming and crying children or worrying about what to do with our children if we want to go out on the town.
  • Peace reigns in the house and there are no dirty diapers to change, no wake-up calls in the night, no crying jags to jar the nerves.
  • There are no sentimental moments to tug at my heartstring like there are for parents when they hear that first cry or see that first step taken.
  • My only responsibility is toward my partner and I can love him totally and completely without having to share my love and affection with children.
  • My refrigerator is free of clutter because there is no child-art to pin up.
  • As if any childless couples there is a time when life goes on that perhaps one day we may regret our decision. Then it is a good time to remember of all the added expense that a child includes and all of the emotional baggage.

There might be the fear of not having a provider for the golden years and perhaps one partner leaving the other alone. This is not a problem for childless couples if they prepare and save up for their retirement years.


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