6 Key Tips for Creating Your Own Wedding Invitations

by Susan Paige
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Getting married?

That’s great and all but planning for the big day is no joke. The average couple spends as much as $30,000 on their wedding. People put a lot of thought into every detail, from the color theme to the invitation letters.

Speaking of invitations, have you considered creating your own wedding invitations? You get to set the tone of your wedding. DIY wedding invitations can seem like a daunting task but we’ve got a handy guide right here for you.

Are you ready to learn how to DIY wedding invitations? Read on and find out more.

Tips for Creating Your Own Wedding Invitations

There are a lot of creative ways to make wedding invitations. For example, you can use the wedding invitations templates from Adobe Spark. That’s great for creating your own wedding invitations without looking too generic.

Here are some other tips for creating your own wedding invitations:

  1. Don’t Leave Out Important Details

Include the essentials on your invitation such as the date, time, and location. Set expectations and think of logistics your guests need for the wedding like the dress code and transportation details. Regardless of your choice, keep the necessary bases covered.

  1. Be Clear on the Invited People

Prevent any awkward situation by clearing the guest list. For example, if you only want a couple to go to your wedding but not the kids, address it to the parents alone. If you’re allowing a friend to have a plus-one, address it to both people to ensure it’s clear.

  1. Use People to Proofread

Regardless of your vigilance in proofreading, get at least another person to look over. There’s no telling what you miss, especially subtle grammatical errors. They’ll also help in pointing out any awkward phrasing that doesn’t work that well.

  1. Buy More Invitations than Needed

It’s a costly mistake to order another batch of invitation prints. That’s why you need to backup invitations—it’s reserved for people you forgot to invite or inviting more guests when others can’t go. You also need to keep one for yourself as a prop for your wedding.

  1. Check the Postage Costs

Take a sample invitation to the post office once you’re done ordering your prints and envelopes. Weigh it and check for the postage fees. That helps to prevent more hassle of returned mails due to lack of postage.

  1. Send Out the Save the Dates Early

Your guests should get your Save the Date cards early enough. That way, they have the means of planning out the necessary arrangements without too much stress. The best time is to send it out within 4-6 months before the wedding date itself.

Start Creating Your Own Wedding Invitations Today!

There are a lot of other ways when it comes to creating your own wedding invitations. If you’re looking for creative tips, you can always read other guides as an aid. Otherwise, these tips will help you avoid some social blunders.

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