Tax Free Investment Options for the Newlyweds

by Susan Paige
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For newlyweds, making money would be a first priority. Starting a family without any income can be difficult, and a relationship that does not have any reliable income can lead to arguments, misunderstandings, and even divorce. Newlyweds might only have a handful of dollars in their bank accounts, but they can start using the money to invest in different investment options without breaking the bank. They can try investing their money on tax-free investments and see how they would earn a lot of profit in a short amount of time. Other investment options might take some time before a stable income can be earned, but it is also a great investment option.

These are some of the investments that are tax exempt that newlyweds might consider – insurance proceeds, life, and health insurance, tax-exempt money market funds, municipal bonds, and health savings account. When an income is earned through these investment options, people would have the option to buy whatever they want, and for millennials, they can use it to buy their wedding gowns.

In the United States, non-taxable investments are becoming a huge hit, and people are always considering these investments because it is not subject to any taxes imposed by the government. As a result, when the investment earns a profit, the investor would no longer need to worry about the amount of taxes that they would have to pay. There are many non-taxable investments available to investors, but the law should state clearly that it should not be taxed. Representatives can also work together to determine which investments should be taxed and which ones should not be taxed. There are also exceptions to the rule, and individuals must be wary about it. Knowing the law can help the newlyweds decide which investment option they would choose and how they will be able to manage their money.

Insurance Proceeds

This investment option, in most cases, is not taxed. However, there can be exceptions to this rule. Insurance proceeds are described as the amount that is paid to anyone who filed a claim to their insurance company. This is a great investment, especially if the insurance policy stated that the money invested can be collected anytime. The money that is given to the insurance policy owner is not subject to the taxes by the government, and the investors can receive their money in full. Dividends and premium funds lie on the gray area because the government can decide to tax it or not, depending on the situation and the laws concerning it.

Life and Health Insurance

This investment option is categorized under the employer-provided insurance type. This is given to employees who are working for corporations and businesses, and it can be used to cover medication and hospitalization incurred while in service. This insurance policy is not included in the income received by an individual, and it automatically falls under the tax-exempt investments. People who have a life and health insurance also agree to the benefits that it entails – it gives them an assurance that whatever happens to them, their insurance policy will always have their backs. This is important, especially if the company you are working for has to face a lot of hazards.

Municipal Bonds

This investment option is used by the local governments to finance their capital expenditures. The interests earned through municipal bonds are exempt from taxes. Many local governments rely on municipal bonds to support a certain project, and it is the key to creating more visible projects in a community. Municipal bonds should be paid religiously to avoid incurring a lot of interests over time.

Tax-Exempt Money Market Funds

Money market funds, or more commonly known as MMFs, are investment options that are invested in a variety of securities. Normally, these investment options have low returns. Despite the low returns that can be earned from this investment option, many people rely on it because it is tax-free. The most common use of an MMF is for parking cash.

Health Savings Account

A health savings account, or HAS for short, is the money that is used for different medical expenses. It is compounded tax-free, and people rely on it because of the huge profit that they can possibly earn from this investment.

There are so many investment options available to newlyweds, but if they wanted to pursue a tax-exempt investment, they need to work with a tax professional to identify which investments would suit their needs.

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