Budgeting Your Wedding Finances: Tips to Avoid Wedding Debt

by Susan Paige
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Getting married and planning your wedding is exciting. But if you don’t manage your wedding finances, you could go into debt. Here are some budgeting tips.

Love is in the air! You have found your one and only, you have said yes, and you are ready to walk down that aisle…Only one problem…Who is going to fund this thing?

With the average wedding cost hovering around $35,000, it’s safe to say you need a solid budget!

That being said though, it is easy to get wrapped up in engagement and forget that you need to have a budget for your wedding. Planning your wedding finances doesn’t have to take all of the joy out of organizing your big day!

How to Manage Your Wedding Finances

We are going to show you straight forward tips on how to budget for a wedding! So, before you take the plunge let’s get your wedding budget all figured out.

  1. Manage Your Guest List

It can be tricky to decide who needs to be on the guest list. Having a smaller event will be more intimate and give you more time to focus on the little details to make your special day memorable.

  1. D.I.Y

The cost of decor alone can average out around $2,000.

So how do we slash that budget?

Do it yourself! You can find everything you need to handle the decor portion of your wedding at your local craft store or even a thrift market. Make the invites by hand, make the bouquets yourself, put your bridesmaids and groomsmen to work decorating the day of the wedding! 

Making your decor and invites is a great way to slash your wedding expenses.

  1. Something Old

Time to break out Mom’s wedding dress! The old adage “Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.” is a valuable old rhyme, but let’s focus less on the “something new” and more on borrowed and old!

Vintage items will add character to your big day and the sentimental value of family heirlooms has no price tag.

  1. The Food

Catering the wedding with an expensive service can eat away at your wedding budget, but you have to feed the guests!

Consider making the food yourself or with the help of friends and family. Buffet style dining is also an inexpensive alternative that makes set up and service a breeze.

  1. Avoid Wedding Season

Everyone wants the perfect seasonal wedding, but walking down the aisle during peak season could break your wedding budget. 

If you tie the knot in the off-season, you will be more likely able to negotiate venue pricing and other costs. That being said, even with top-notch budgeting, sometimes you can’t help but go over no matter what time of year it is. Finding the best debt consolidation option before the debt happens is a smart game plan!

Get Your Wedding Finances in Order

Now that your wedding finances are budgeted, you can focus on what really matters…Marrying your one and only! With just a little planning and budgeting you will have the wedding of your dreams without burning a hole through your wallet.

Check out our site for more tips on managing your wedding budget!

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