Use Your Bitcoins Online

by Susan Paige
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While waiting for a hypothetical democratization of Bitcoin as a means of payment in everyday life, it is necessary to select the merchants who accept payment in cryptocurrencies. Fortunately, their list continues to grow: today you can buy many everyday products and pay the bill in bitcoins rather than with your bank card. In the United States, major brands such as Dell, Microsoft, Expedia or Overstock already accept bitcoin payments. 

Some platforms also offer to get in touch with independent providers whose services are paid in bitcoins rather than in Euros or dollars. Here, we spend our bitcoins by buying a service rather than a commodity. The services in question can take very diverse forms, just like on a matching platform operating in fiat currency.

Withdraw Your Bitcoins In Euros

The other solution is to go through a marketplace or a specialized intermediary to withdraw bitcoins. The maneuver consists quite simply in selling its bitcoins in exchange for a fiat currency like the euro: we then convert its cryptocurrency into a current currency, which makes it possible to go to spend its capital at any trader or to reinvest it in other markets.

The amount of the transaction is bitcoin is often calculated from a price determined in euros and then converted according to the price of the cryptocurrency at the time of purchase. Be careful to check the prices before placing your transactions!

Where To Buy Bitcoins And Other Cryptocurrencies?

To get started in the world of virtual currencies, you still need to be able to buy them: Bitcoins, Litecoins and other Ethers are indeed exchanged at specialized intermediaries. Some are presented as simple online shops, where you can buy Bitcoins using your bank card. Others, more complex, function as market places on which one can exchange a “real” currency for a “virtual” currency.

Buy Cryptocurrencies: Online Stores

The easiest way is generally to turn to a purchasing platform allowing you to carry out transactions using a simple credit card. These easy-to-access sites usually have a wallet function through which you can store your cryptocurrencies without having to go through another online service.

These online Bitcoin sales sites are open to everyone, but it is generally necessary to provide a valid email address to create an account and purchase your first cryptocurrencies. Payment is then made via most common means: electronic wallet such as PayPal, CB or bank transfer. The transaction is generally completed in a few minutes: it is carried out taking into account the price of the cryptocurrency concerned at the time of purchase.

The Best Platforms to Buy Cryptos

Among these purchasing platforms, you can cite do login on the bit coin sites. We generally choose our cryptocurrency purchase site according to the currencies directly accessible, the means of payment offered and the commission fees applied to each transaction.

Buy And Exchange Bitcoins On A Specialized Platform

The other option is to look on the side of marketplaces dedicated to the exchange of cryptocurrencies. To buy these virtual currencies, you must first exchange Euros or dollars for bitcoins or ethers, then exchange these currencies again for the desired cryptocurrency.

Sometimes called Exchanges, these market places charge a small commission on each exchange: the amount turns out to be lower than the sums collected by the intermediaries who authorize direct payment by bank card. However, registration on these exchanges dedicated to virtual currencies requires the supply of documents: proof of address or identity document. This obligation stems from European regulations on financial institutions and market places: to fight against money laundering and tax fraud, they must in fact be able to attest to the real identity of their customers.

Immediate Edge login is probably the most famous and frequented cryptocurrency logins which is use for Bitcoin deals. It is one of the few marketplaces to authorize the direct purchase of Bitcoins 

Many marketplaces only allow the exchange of cryptocurrencies, with no possibility of direct purchase from a fiat currency. Many internet users therefore start by buying their first Bitcoins on a sales site, before exchanging them on this specialized platform. These Bitcoin platforms are completely safe to use.

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