4 tips for a wedding on a budget during the pandemic

by Susan Paige
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The Covid-19 pandemic has had a lot of negative impacts on society. Different organizations have had to counsel events like product launches, music festivals, tours, and award ceremonies. The large are organizations are not the only ones that have been forced to cancel their plans. Regular people have also had to cancel events like birthday parties and weddings. Issues like social distancing, lockdowns, and financial constraints have forced such moves. In this write-up, we discuss tips that will help you proceed with your wedding plans despite the pandemic.

1. Consider reducing the size of your wedding.

The first thing you should think about is reducing the size of both your wedding and your party. Since there is no definite date when the pandemic is expected to come to an end, it is essential to consider both your safety and that of your guests. The movement restrictions, curfews, lockdown, and social distancing regulations should make this easy. A small wedding with your closest relatives and a couple of friends should do. Also, consider not involving your elderly friends and relatives as they are at a higher risk than the younger ones. Note that the well-being of your guest is more important.

Reducing your wedding party and guests also means reducing the size of your wedding. That way, you will not find yourself in trouble with the authorities, and it will also help reduce the cost of the wedding, especially in terms of the food and venue. This will help you to get a smaller häälaina or a loan for wedding

2. Consider a small venue.

Since you will be having a smaller party at the wedding, you may also want to consider a small venue. Smaller venues or a backyard wedding would be a good idea. A backyard wedding is especially wise because of the issues of social distancing. It will also help you save a lot of money. With a smaller venue, matters like decorating will also be easy to achieve. 

3. Simplify the details of the wedding

The financial constraints that have been influenced by the pandemic should be reason enough for you to want to simplify the details of the wedding. Starts with small details like the flowers. You can choose to forgo buying flowers from the grocery store and go for homemade bouquets. Try tricks like wrapping several roses in a ribbon. This is a simple yet elegant alternative to expensive flowers. You can also opt to get your family to decorate the venue as opposed to hiring a decorator. Another element you can simplify is music. For instance, instead of hiring a DJ or a band, you can make your playlist on an iPad or computer and connect to the speakers. That way, your wedding is more personal but straightforward at the same time. Doing so will help you save a lot of money.

4. Consider the regulations put forth.

During a pandemic, several things change. For instance, currently, there is a worldwide social distancing regulation. Therefore, you may want to space the seating for your wedding guests so that you can meet the 6 feet apart from social distancing regulations. You may also want to provide masks and hand sanitizer stations at the wedding. That way, you will be keeping up with the rules and keeping your guests safe as well. Make sure that the venue is appropriately cleaned up before, during, and after the event. You can forego buffets and have attendants to serve the food to avoid people touching the same surfaces and increasing the likelihood of infections.


Before you think of applying the tips mentioned above, you may want to consider the urgency of the wedding. You can opt to wait until the end of the pandemic to proceed with your wedding. However, since we do not know how long the epidemic will last, you can still proceed with your wedding, but make sure that you do not provide the virus to take down your friends. Do so by following the regulations put in place by the authoritative bodies.

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