Denny’s Coupons: How to Save Money When Planning Your Wedding

by Susan Paige
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Finally, said that big “Yes!” and now on the way to start planning your wedding? Once you start with the planning process, you’ll realize that weddings can be quite expensive. As the bride, you’ll want to have nothing less than the dream wedding of your life. After all, walking down the aisle as a bride is something that you’re only going to do once in your life.

But what happens when the budget starts to get tight? Do you know that there are ways to save on the expenses associated with a wedding without sacrificing your dream? Yes, if you’re looking to have that perfect balance for your wedding, you’re in the right place. Here, you’ll learn some of the sneakiest ways to save money while planning your wedding. 

  1. Use Coupons and Discount Codes

As you start to search for suppliers for your weddings and supplies itself, you may also want to scour the internet first for great deals. It’s on the World Wide Web that you can come across websites with more promos and deals, than with physical wedding supplier stores. 

When you shop for these supplies, do take time to look for schedules of when promos and other discounts may come along. If you’re lucky, you may even have promo or coupons from suppliers like Denny’s coupons. You can use these promo code or coupons at checkout. Most of these coupons are valid for quite a long time. 

Plus, an even more significant advantage is that these could also be used on top of sales. When used on top of deals, you have those extra savings right there! Why pay full price for something that you can have on a discount? 

  1. Choose An “Off-Season” Wedding Schedule

Generally, an “off-season” wedding would run anytime from November to March. So, if you can schedule your wedding on any of these dates, why not? Rates for hotels and other venues are also cheaper by then. You don’t have to be a June bride, as a wedding date on other months can be as great and fun as possible.

An upside to this would also be that it’s easier to gather family and friends, as there’s also quite several long holidays during these months. First, there’s Thanksgiving, then there’s also the long Christmas festivities.

Another savvy tip to apply here would be to try and avoid weddings on a Saturday. If you really need to have it on a weekend, why not have it on a Sunday instead? Because Saturdays are always a favored choice, it’s also in this time of the week that venues are more expensive. 

  1. Borrow A Wedding Car

Another one of the most expensive costs that come along with planning for your wedding has to do with the wedding car that you’ll use. Especially in today’s time where there’s so much ado about the best wedding car that will chauffeur the bride to the ceremony location. Since this is also going to be shown in a lot of videos and photos during the wedding day itself, it’s understandable that there’s so much emphasis on the fancy wedding car. 

That said, if any one from your family or friends have the type of car you fancy using on your wedding, why not give them a ring and see if they can lend you their car for your wedding. Because it’s that one big special day of your life, chances are, they won’t even be able to say no.  

  1. Choose Flowers and Food That Are In-Season

Another factor that can instantly make your wedding bill go so high are the flowers and the food. Naturally so, you’ll have to feed your guests. Also, what’s a wedding without eye-catching flowers?

A sneaky idea would be to use a few artificial flowers here and there, especially for the ceiling and other areas where guests can’t really determine for certain whether the flowers are real or fake. Even better, nowadays fake or artificial flowers arrangements for weddings is also possible and it looks equally breath-taking if not more. Many wedding planners can have this option available for you at a much cheaper price. Plus, that way, you don’t have to waste on flowers that’ll just get thrown away, anyway. 

But, for the parts of the venue, and even the bouquets must be made of real flowers, choose in-season flowers instead. If you can shop local, then do so! Not only does this make your wedding feel homier, but the price of these in-season, local flowers are also a lot cheaper than imported ones. 

Final Word

With all these budget-savvy tips, now you can have a successful champagne wedding, for the price of a beer wedding. Planning the wedding of your dreams doesn’t always have to be an expensive pursuit. Even more importantly, remember that your wedding day marks the very beginning of the new life with your partner. You’ll surely want to make this right! It’s not sensible to go in heavy and long-term debt just to have the dream wedding. You can have a decent celebration in a limited budget as well. Keep these tips in mind, and you can start on being the practical bride that you ought to be!

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