How To Save Money On Your Wedding Invitations

by Susan Paige
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Wedding invitations are generally the first major expense for couples after their engagement festivities. While they’re sent to guests to announce the date of the wedding, along with details such as venue and dress code, invites are also a chance for couples to showcase their style and the wedding’s theme. However, as couples move towards bespoke invitations, the costs of invites can get very high. 

Most couples don’t intend to burn hefty amounts on invitations, but the figures can quickly mount. Therefore, if you’re on a budget, it’s necessary to consider ways to keep costs down. For some, this means choosing a simple design and limiting your guest list, but for others, online invitations are the way to go.

Here are some ways to save money on your wedding invitations:


  • Consider Online Invitations


Online invitations are an innovative and modern invite option offering multiple cost-saving advantages over paper invites. They eliminate all paper, construction, and mailing costs, and instead involve digital designs sent via email.

Online invites can be created at a minimal cost on user-friendly e-invite platforms such as Greenvelope. These platforms help with designing and sending your invites, along with tracking your RSVPs. Invitees can view more information about the event online, browse photos, maps, and hotel information, and access calendar links. You can even pick music to play as your guests view the digital invite. With online invitations, all the wedding information is centralized in one location, enabling you to reach your invitees more easily.


  •  Hand-deliver Your Invites


Paper invitations come with many extra costs; aside from printing, they also have to be distributed. When using paper invites, it’s best to deliver as many invites as you can in person. Either partner can distribute the wedding invites to the offices and homes of their closest invitees. This’ll greatly reduce how many have to be sent through postal mail, therefore reducing costs.

Physical invite deliveries also give you the opportunity to obtain the decision of invitees immediately. Hence, your guest list can be planned and organized faster.


  • Use A Wedding Website


Wedding websites are commonplace in wedding planning today. They’re often used to communicate with guests and list event information. Some sites even contain full map directions to the venue, food menus, and stories about the couple. However, in regards to invites and RSVPs, they’re widely underutilized.

Using a wedding website with memorable URL effectively will help you to save. For example, you could send out a physical invite, but direct all RSVPs to your website. Rather than spending money on a printed RSVP card, you’ll reduce costs on paper and mailing, and collate all responses in one place.


  • Send Group Invites


Traditionally, wedding invites are sent on a couple or individual basis. However, if you look at your guest list carefully, you may be able to connect families and organizations and send group invitations instead. If you’re able to send joint invites to a 100-person invitation list, you’ll reduce the amount sent by at least 50%, if not more.

This approach takes time to organize correctly, but can significantly reduce costs on your invites. If utilizing this approach, you should ensure the invitation states that RSVPs should be made separately, to avoid confusion and allow individual members of the group invitation to decline if necessary. 


  • Print The Invitations Yourself


Printing your wedding invites yourself is a great way to save money. Certain stages of wedding invite creation, such as graphic design and photography, may be beyond your skillset. However, if you own an HD printer at work or at home, once the design is sorted, you may opt to print the invites yourself.

The major costs you’ll need to be aware of are printer inks, papers, and envelopes. To determine whether this option is suitable for you, obtain a quote from a wedding stationer for the cost of production based on your design and quantity of invites. Then, compare this to the cost of materials required to do it yourself. 


  • Avoid Repetitive Printing


Re-printing is one of the most common yet unnecessary costs associated with wedding invitations. Grammatical, typographical, and format errors are the most common reasons behind a re-print when they’re not picked up in the draft process. Something as simple as a misspelled name or incorrect time can cost couples a lot if they decide to re-print.

You can avoid incurring such huge costs in re-prints by editing and proofreading the information thoroughly. If you’re having the invitations professionally created, ask for a sample to examine the physical invite before approving it. Also, avoid printing your invitations until all details are finalized and your venue is locked in. This is important because if your wedding arrangements change, you’ll have to have them re-printed.


  • Look For Wedding Deals


In order to stand out from the competition, many wedding invitation companies offer competitive deals. These are often seasonal, released at wedding expos, or based on the number of invitations couples order. If you take advantage of an invite deal, the money saved can then be used for other wedding expenses such as catering or flowers.

To get the best deals on wedding invites, you should start searching early. The closer you are to your wedding date, the more likely you are to incur higher costs. Whereas if you organize the invitations early, you may save. 


  • Minimize Decorations And Choose Paper Wisely


Decoration is a key aspect of wedding invites, but placing too much emphasis on elaborate designs can amount to high costs. When choosing your wedding invites, ensure they’re not too complex such that there’s a high cost for designing and assembling them. While you may dream of using calligraphers to create bespoke invites, this is a luxury you may not be able to afford. Don’t forget: simplicity is more on-trend than ever.

Another aspect of design is paper type. Special paper, such as cotton and linen marketed for wedding invitations, are very expensive. If you’re on a fixed budget, opt for cardstock to minimize costs.


  • Research Postage Charges


In the invitation planning process, it’s important to account for the cost of postage. Aside from the stamps required to send them, the size and weight of your invitations will impact the cost. For example, using rectangular envelopes instead of fancier square ones will be cheaper. In some places, square envelopes won’t pass through postal machines, thus needing to be hand stamped. This may attract a surcharge on each invite, which quickly adds up.

Additionally, while heavy designs and paper look lovely, they can considerably add to invite weights. The higher the weight of each invite, the higher the cost to send them.


Wedding invites come in two major forms today: online and paper. Online invites can save you a lot of money but may lack the visual impact and sentimentality of bespoke invitations. On the other hand, paper invites are suitable for keep-sake purposes but can be very expensive.

To save money on your wedding invitations, create a wedding website, proofread your wording to avoiding reprints, and choose less expensive paper and decoration options. Other cost-saving methods include delivering invites in person, printing them yourself, and sending group invites.


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