Top 10 Budget First Cars for Young Couples

by Susan Paige
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You’re likely looking forward to making your first large purchase together after saying your “I dos”, such as a home or a car. Since purchasing a vehicle is a big expenditure, new couples will take the selection phase to heart. Here, to help make the selection process easier, we have compiled this list of ten top budget cars for young couples.

Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is a fuel efficient, small-sized car available as a hatchback or four-door sedan, and comes with a regular five-speed manual or automatic transmission. The standard version is competitively priced, and the subcompact has good crash safety scores.

The higher-end ST model provides a range of performance upgrades such as a more efficient motor, alloy wheels, high-performance tires and braking, and an airfoil core. The sync3 entertainment system and adjustable leather seats are interior choices available in both. This will definitely make a great first car for young couples.

Volkswagen Polo

While the Ford Fiesta is possibly the first small car to come to mind, the Volkswagen polo is a serious challenger and comes with even better quality. While it is true that Volkswagen emission scandal popularly referred to as the Dieselgate, may have dented VW’s image in recent years, it does not appear to have done that much harm to its credibility for manufacturing reliable cars.

The Polo is another of those famous little cars that, after all, seems to have been around forever – after all, a car remains in production for quite a long period because it’s nice and customers keep purchasing it.

The interior is comfortable and standard according to the usual Volkswagen style. While it might not be the most thrilling interior of its class, this doesn’t make it any less suitable for new couples as a first vehicle.

Honda HR-V

The Honda HR-V is a simple yet valuable addition to the compact crossover range for the brand. The new HR-V is bigger internally than it appears from the outside, offering a spacious cabin that comfortably accommodates five passengers and loads of luggage.

As is common with Honda vehicles, the HR-V comes with a high selection of features, primarily intended to target millennial buyers and improve the appeal of the product as opposed to rivals.

Admittedly, initial cost and maintenance are two major reasons to avoid buying SUV as a first car but if you can handle the additional costs and expenditures then it may not be a poor decision to spend a little more on the Honda HR-V. Even though this Honda may not have any genuine off-road capability, it can still drive admirably on some of those rough patches of road.

Toyota Prius 

Check out the midsize 2016 Toyota Prius if you live in or are always in the city and need more space than a compact vehicle can offer. In cabin capacity and road comfort, it’s a major competitor, not to mention its unbeatable fuel efficiency.

Invest in the Prius Eco model and you can get ultra-low rolling-resistance tires with a small decrease in weight, culminating in a combination of 56 mpg (58 city/53 freeway). This stretches fueling stops anywhere north of 600 miles. Apart from performance, the recent Prius is much more convenient and enjoyable to drive than every previous model. And its mid-sized proportions indicate that there is adequate space for people and luggage.

Kia Picanto

For young couples looking to buy their first car, we rate the Picanto as one of the best small cars, because it’s cheap to run and quite attractive for a low budget car. The Picanto third-generation is a great all-rounder, with three engines to select from. Thanks to its strong fuel efficiency and low insurance category ranking, the entry level 66bhp 1.0 litre is a decent option for first time drivers. Reliability is excellent and the Picanto is definitely the next best thing following a Volkswagen if you want a compact, enjoyable, inexpensive vehicle.

Chevrolet Spark

For newly married couples, tight budgets are normal, so if you’re a little cramped for cash, then the Chevrolet Spark is a perfect option. It is not too pricey and not too inexpensive. Buying the Chevy Spark will provide financially conscious young couples with a lot to enjoy because it comes with a vast array of basic equipment that appears to be targeted for the younger, more technology-inclined crowd.


There are few better choices than the Mazda3 hatchback, if you want an inexpensive and functional compact car that’s equipped to offer some features. The Mazda3 is also available as a sedan, but many young couples prefer the hatchback.  If you’re on a tight budget, get the base model and you’re good to go; if you have some extra cash to spare, the Mazda3 offers lots of high-end options. The Mazda3 comes with a highly efficient engine and great suspension, which helps make this one of the most attractive cars in the class, perfect for young couples.

Honda Civic


The immortal Honda Civic – if well handled, the car will travel far over 250,000 miles with no problems. It’s also pretty budget friendly for the newly married. Spares are easy to get as one of the world’s most popular cars and repairs are fairly affordable. Being a common car ensures that the car gets significant aftermarket assistance, and your kids will be able to later configure a Civic to their taste for not much money.

Kia Optima

The Kia Optima comes loaded with a lot of value and substance. It handles easily, and its 4-cylinder, 2.4 litre engine is great and overall gets 28 mpg. While the forward collision alert system and automated emergency braking are available enhancements, safety measures such as blind-spot notification and rear cross-traffic warning come as standard.

If you are recently married and have a whole new future ahead of you, it implies that you too have a lot of expenditures ahead of you. So, investing large amounts on luxurious vehicles might not be the right thing to do, as you may want to consider buying a house and  but the Kia Optima beautifully suits the bill for a sedan that behaves like a luxury vehicle.

Lexus CT 200h

Finally, the Lexus CT 200h should be considered by the fashionable young people who want to own a hybrid but do not like the common brands in the market.

This hybrid, compact, four-door hatchback comes bundled in attractively streamlined bodywork and rides on an independent sport-tuned, four-wheel suspension which rewards enthusiastic drivers with great handling abilities.

An electric motor-generator and a self-charging battery pack combines with a 1.8 litre gasoline engine to produce a fuel efficiency of adequate 138 horsepower at an economical 43 city/40 highway mpg. Choices of driving modes will highlight the ideal driving characteristics, whether to drive as a sports car or as an economical car. 

A wide range of safety equipment and luxury features are standard and there’s enough cargo room to accommodate a major shopping excursion with the rear seats folded flat.

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