Why You Should Get a Lab Grown Diamond for your Engagement

by Susan Paige
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They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Best friends on the other hand are people who are special to us and have undergone a long process of vetting in order for us to be able to share our lives with them. So, just like a best friend, selecting the right type of diamond that suits your girl’s needs has to be a careful and thorough process. 

Selecting the perfect engagement ring can be tedious, and if you are in Toronto, you will probably need to visit a number of jewelers in search of the one that has that which you are looking for. Aside from the fact that it takes time to find the right product, a good diamond ring will always cost you quite some penny, something usually leaves most grooms to be worried of whether or not they can afford it.

However, at Randor, you will be able to find the perfect diamond engagement ring that actually suits your budget. Thanks to technology, diamonds, can now be easily grown in labs rather than going through the traditional mining process that takes time and usually ends up destroying the environment. And the best part about all this is that, the lab grown diamond is just as precious as the traditional diamond. So, if you are looking for the perfect engagement ring while working on a budget, then lab grown diamonds are your “best friend”. Randor Diamonds gives you the opportunity to choose from a variety of lab grown diamonds all suited for your spouse and your pockets.                                                                

So, what are Lab grown Diamonds you ask?

These may not be the naturally occurring diamonds that we know to be mined from the earth, but they still have all the qualities that makes diamonds precious. So, No, they are not fake at all and are just as exquisite as the rest. Thanks to the advancements in technology, people can now be able to duplicate and create the exact same process required for a diamond to develop beneath the surface of the earth.

They are created using the same materials, and contain the same optical and chemical characteristics. Since this process is man-made, other specifications can also be added, such as various colors depending on customer requirements. The end result of this whole process is a perfect diamond that cannot be easily differentiated from the naturally occurring type. 

High temperature and pressure, sonication of graphite solution and chemical vapor deposition are some of the methods used to create diamonds in a lab, with the first one being the most common and easiest method. In this method, the diamond seeds are pressed and heated to temperature of up to 1,400 ◦ C or more, where the metal dissolves the carbon source thus leading to the formation of a cultured diamond.                                                              

Key differences

Since lab grown diamonds have almost all the characteristics of the traditional diamonds and look exactly like them, gemologists usually look for traces of nitrogen as means to differentiate them. Lab grown diamonds do not have nitrogen in them. 

Apart from the presence of nitrogen, other ways to tell the difference between the two are in the cost, rarity, sustainability, and value. Lab grown diamonds are usually quite affordable for everyone as they can be available at prices that are 30% or 50% lower than the naturally occurring diamonds. This is usually cited as the biggest difference between them. Otherwise, apart from this, both types of diamonds can come in the same shapes which include:










With all the customizations that are involved in this lab-based process, gem stone production is being taken to a whole new level that remains both friendly to your pockets and to the environment. 

So why should you consider getting a lab grown Diamond?

Now that you have become acquainted with what a lab grown is, here are some three good reasons why you should consider them for your engagement ring:


  • They are Environmentally friendly and Sustainable


Today, almost every country around the globe is on a climate saving campaign, meaning that processes that lead to environment destruction will gradually have to be done away with. The diamond mining process has proven not to be environmentally sustainable and also involves a lot of carbon emission which is damaging to the environment. Apart from that, due to the high value, most diamond mining areas, especially in Africa are usually associated with political and civil unrest that leads to loss of lives. 

Lab grown diamonds on the other hand are exactly what the environment needs as they do not involve the mining processes. And with a lab grown diamond, you can be sure that no innocent blood was shed for you to get that which you wanted. 


  • They are just as precious as the Mined Diamonds


Some people may think that since these diamonds have been cultivated in the labs, they are not genuine. This thinking is far further from the truth as these diamonds contain almost all the properties that the mined diamonds have and without specialized equipment, even experts cannot tell their difference. 

Just like the mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds are also valued according to color, cut, carat and clarity and so you can be assured that whatever you pay for will be of just the same value. 


  • Lower Price


This is the sweetest part for those who want to make their spouses happy even when they have a limited budget to work with. While these diamonds depict all the physical, optical, chemical and visually characteristics of the mined diamonds, they are much cheaper and more affordable. Their prices and be anywhere between 30% and 50% cheaper than the mined diamonds. So, for your engagement ring you still have a chance to get value for your product at a very affordable price.

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