10 Mother Of The Bride Outfits Ideas

by Susan Paige
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Although all attention should be given to the couple at a wedding, the mother of the bride also plays an important supporting role. Hence, it’s still necessary for her to dress up and look elegant during her daughter’s wedding.

With your daughter getting married soon, looking for an outfit may feel a bit daunting. Since you’re expected to be part of many photos, it’s essential to wear something comfortable and appealing. Frox of Falkirk has many options to choose from if you’d like to pick an outfit the easy way.

Meanwhile, here are some ideas to help you choose your outfit as the mother of the bride:

  1. Check With The Bride

One of the traditional rules for choosing a wedding outfit is not to look like the bride or the bridesmaids. Ask your daughter what her wedding dress color is and avoid choosing a dress of the same color. You may also want to know what the bridesmaids’ dresses are since you don’t want to look like one of them. 

  1. Avoid An All-Black Dress

Traditionally, anyone should avoid wearing an all-black dress to a wedding as it suggests grief or mourning. Unless your daughter asks you to wear something in black, it’s best to choose more colorful outfits. If it’s unavoidable, choose a dress with black mixed with another color. 

  1. Stay Away From Loud Colors

It’s also customary to avoid wearing dresses in colors yellow, pink, or bright red since they may catch too much attention. Instead, go for dresses with more subtle colors. If you’re really into it, perhaps you can choose dresses in muted shades of the mentioned colors. 

  1. Elegant And Not Too Revealing

Another important guideline in choosing your dress for your daughter’s wedding is to find something not too showy that might take the guests’ eyes away from the couple. Avoid showing off too much cleavage and allow your daughter to be the prettiest and the sexiest girl on her big day. 

  1. Consider The Venue

In choosing your dress, it’s best to know where the wedding will take place. Whether it’s going to be held in the church, a garden, beach, or hotel, it’s best to choose an outfit to go with it. A heavy dress may not be appropriate for a beach wedding, or a fur jacket may not go well with a garden wedding. Knowing the wedding venue will take place should help you dress appropriately. 

  1. Splurge On Your Outfit

Don’t try to skimp on your budget just because you think you’ll only wear this dress once. You can, of course, choose an outfit that you can wear for other occasions, but it’s best to select something that will make you feel extra special. 

The memories you’ll make with your daughter and the guests on that day will make the cost all worth it. Also, don’t forget the pictures that will be taken on your daughter’s wedding day. You don’t want to look back on that day and regret that you didn’t wear your best outfit. 

  1. Find Your Inspiration

There are many places to look for inspiration when it comes to choosing outfits. For example, you can look at social media channels or Pinterest for inspiration. Whether it’s your favorite actress or any of your friends, be inspired by their look and choose something you identify yourself with.

  1. Consider Wearing Comfortable Shoes

Whether the celebration is expected to last a couple of hours or the whole day, it’s best to wear comfortable clothing. You also need to consider the footwear you’ll wear for the occasion. It might be a good idea to bring along an extra pair of flat shoes if you can’t stand wearing high heels for long periods.

  1. Wear Great-fitting Underwear

If you’re wearing something that will hug your figure, find comfortable underwear that perfectly fits you. Wearing the right-sized bra and shapewear will make the difference in giving you a nice figure when wearing a fitted dress. If you have issues with your outfit’s measurements, you can consult a professional tailor to do wonders.

  1. Have Your Makeup And Hair Done

Pamper yourself on your daughter’s wedding day. Make everything about you look polished and well-prepared. Feel like a star by getting someone to do your hair and makeup on your daughter’s wedding day.

Final Thoughts

Suppose you’re uncertain where or how to start looking for a dress to wear on your daughter’s wedding, ask the bride herself. She may have planned what color of dress you should wear. If she’s giving you the liberty to choose, it’s also good to ask the mother of the groom. This way, you can both plan your outfits to complement each other. 

The main idea of choosing something to wear as the mother of the bride is to find something that’s comfortable, and you feel confident wearing. 

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