Wedding Decorations: Should You Buy or Should You Rent?

by Susan Paige
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As you plan your wedding during this uncertain time, you might be tempted to limit your expenses by DIYing your wedding decorations. To further reduce your costs, you might want to consider renting some of them. The dilemma lies in choosing between what to rent, and what to buy. We’ve come up with tips on selecting items for your boho wedding celebration.

When to Rent

When You Are Cutting Costs

Renting decorations is much more affordable than buying them, and it’s an ideal way to reduce your expenses. It would also be a perfect practice to reduce environmental impact. Some of the items you can rent include glassware, linens, and lounge furniture. You can start by researching local rental companies like Accel Rentals with a wide range of decorative items that you can choose for your wedding.

When You Are Aiming for Flexibility

For boho themed weddings, you should ideally have stress-free planning, keeping decoration requirements to a minimum. If you don’t want to deal with all the hassle of cleaning up or organizing things after your wedding, your best option is to rent decorations.

When You Have Limited Space

If you have a small space in your home and you don’t want to spend money renting a storage room for your wedding items, it would be better to rent them instead. This will keep your home clean without any unused items piling up after the fact.

When to Buy

When You Want Keepsakes

Weddings are special events that are meant to be treasured forever. If there are mementos of your wedding that you want to keep, buying is the best option for you. It is always nice to have something from your special day to help you remember the emotion. Marriage is all about looking forward to the future, but it is also worth remembering the past. It would be an excellent reminder for you and your partner about your love for each other.

When You Want Personalized Items

Often, the idea of DYing some of the wedding decorations comes from wanting a personalized touch. If this is your goal, buying items to achieve a custom made design would be best. For example, you can purchase vintage plates and have them personalized to include your names and your wedding date. You can also choose to have someone commission a piece for you and your partner.

When You Want to Use Them Again

If you plan to reuse some of your wedding decorations as you start a new life together, it would be best to invest in good ones that would last a lifetime in your home. For example, you are planning to have a lounge chair for your wedding, you can opt to buy one if it becomes an accent chair in your new home. It is always nice to have something useful to remember about your wedding. You can also choose to buy frames that can be used as wedding decor that can later hang on your wall gallery in your new home.

Wedding preparations can be fun and stressful at the same time. The idea is to think about the future. Do you want to spend money on something that would be useless after the wedding? Or do you prefer to have items that would serve a purpose in your life? You decide.


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